What are the worst drinks in your cocktail cabinet?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Thom Blach, May 16, 2018.

  1. At the moment Kummel and Absinthe are leading the way in mine.
  2. An astonishingly decayed Bols Jenever.

    And six different kinds of marc.
  3. I think there’s some crime de menthe in the house somewhere
  4. 7982B92D-A528-45E7-B447-439D3FF2E23B.jpeg I wish I had one of these to do justice to my bottle of Kahlua.
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  5. A bottle of Aguardente Medronho and a dill flavoured Akvavit are two that immediately spring to mind.
  6. A bottle of "Manager" - one of those central European herbal/bitter things. I drew the line at Unicum, which is literally undrinkable. Oh, and the Becherovka, but that's not so bad.
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  7. I've been looking frantically about the place, but I don't seem to have a cocktail cabinet. Should I be worried?
  8. Kuyper Cherry Brandy. Gifted as some sort of joke, which was lost on me and doomed to rest at the back of the cupboard until the end of time.
  9. It's less of a cabinet and more of a 'on top of a bookcase' sort of arrangement, but it was briefly a bottle of paint-strippingly awful vodka; I don't remember the brand. Someone left us a bottle of home-made coffee liqueur and instead of finding a reason to drink it by itself, I had the mad idea to make White Russians. I say 'mad' because I don't drink White Russians and never have - I haven't even watched The Big Lebowski for years. There was a single, pathetic attempt and the rest of the liqueur shall now be forgotten at the back of the fridge, whilst the vodka is in a place where it can't hurt anyone, ever again. Only time will tell if my liver forgives me.
  10. Unequivocally the 68% abv "Calvados" that my brother's neighbour Michelle (who is married to another Michelle) gifted after leading me, via tasting, through his 15 year process of trying to make various "calvados" with different flavour modifiers (such as apricots, walnuts, mushrooms (yes, really)), only to conclude that actually the "stuff straight out of the oil drum in the basement is a better". It was then revealed to me that his father had an inherited license to distill (I'm pretty sure this means he was making moonshine) from the Marie of their village, (we're about an hour north of Paris, near Amiens), and all this came from the supply that he'd left to Michelle in his will/the basement.

    He also gave me a bottle from the 50s, and that is a seriously elegant drink.
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  11. I'm not sure how bad/good it is but some vintage yellow label Grand Marnier picked up in an auction lot i wanted for some vintage 70's Campari.
  12. A bottle of Smirnoff lime vodka is foul smelling. Left over from a party. Unfortunately it is too low in alcohol to use in our ice cream machine (as a cooling tool not an ingredient).
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  13. Not at all, Mark, they are of no utility whatever to those like you with a fully staffed bar on the mezzanine.
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  14. I have half a bottle of Tia Maria which I seem to have been left with by my daughter-in-law and some “Kentish Tipple” damson-flavoured vodka (a Christmas present). I also have some yuzu-flavoured sake but I bought that just last week.
  15. I suspect he does not know the exact location of his bar as he sends his butler to fetch his drinks.
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  16. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    For decades a bottle of banana liquer bought in Tenerife in the 1980s. Often served as a digestif in tourist restaurants over there. My memory could be playing tricks, but was it in a banana-shaped botttle? Sadly it was disposed of at one point (down the sink that is).
  17. Apart from a few bottles of Cognac and Whisky, I own no dubious spirits. I'm actually quite disappointed with how boring that sounds! :)
  18. The ingredients of the Dr Henderson (Creme De Menthe and Fernet Branca) are both individually foul - however, when mixed together the resultant murky pond water does have a strange allure. And the Dr Henderson Ice Cream you can make from it really is brilliant.

    I also have the remains of a bottle of overproof White Rum, brought back from St Lucia many years ago, which is almost 80% and absolutely horrendous
  19. I like Fernet. Interestingly Branca is a brand name and there are many Fernets throughout the warmer parts of Europe and indeed South America, it is a particular speciality in Albania where it is much enjoyed by schoolchildren when mixed with orange soda.
  20. Half a bottle of Advocat we bought at Christmas to make "Snowballs" for a laugh and a seventies themed evening. The joke wore off pretty soon in the new year!
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  21. I didn’t know you were so knowledgeable about Albania, Thom, a country which has always fascinated me. Mr Hilliard, sometimes of this parish, is (or was) an occasional visitor to Tirana for work, and I wish I’d had more opportunity to talk to him about the country. I wonder whether he has enjoyed this tipple? We certainly suspect he has tried worse.
  22. Deneros Strong by any chance? I agree it is complete fire water on it's own but it was the key ingredient in all the lovely rum punches you can get over there. I have to admire the advertising campaign they had going when we were there: "double strength, double value".

    We still have a small amount of bounty coconut rum from St Lucia on the drinks trolley, which probably belongs in this thread (although my Wife would disagree!)
  23. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    I forgot about Advocaat - bought a bottle at Christmas purely because it was an ingredient in a dessert recipe that looked good in Waitrose magazine. Had the tiniest sip to remind me of my childhood when snowballs were drunk at Christmas. It was quite stomach-churning, and I didn't enjoy the dessert either. However it is still in a cupboard in the kitchen, so is legitimate in this thread unlike my banana liqueur.
  24. We even bought a bottle of Babycham (£2?) That was even more disgusting! (But the young ones who have a fondness for fruit ciders finished it)
  25. I think you may be confusing me with Ed Bolland.

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