What are you drinking this Tuesday evening?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Thom Blach, May 15, 2018.

  1. For us a Plum Rickey followed by a quite ravishing Gevrey VV 2001 from Dominique Laurent, nearly fully mature and showing no trace of grotesque elevage but rather perfect Gevrey typicity with a lifted feminine touch. I really have absolutely no idea how long this will last .One of those occasions when the temptation to open another bottle is almost impossible to resist but I suppose I shouldn't. Yet another of those occasions when I end up reflecting that wines are best enjoyed one at a time.
  2. I agree Tom - the single bottle enjoyed for what it is, is perhaps the best way to enjoy wine. However, I often deviate from that ideal ;).
  3. Inspired by Richard’s most recent thread I am having a naughty dabble in some rather lovely Beychevelle 2000, something which should be strictly out-of-bounds on a Tuesday. Like the school cormorant.
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  4. Kernel Pale Ale Chinook Vic Secret 5.5% ABV. Superb with fish and chips from the Middle Street shop in Deal.
    Can’t drink Champagne with it as I’m rather generous with the vinegar from a jar of Garner’s Pickled Shallots on my chips!
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  5. My first Zelen, from Zorz (Slovenia). High acid alpine kinda white with a touch of spritz. Worked well on the terrace on a gorgeously warm early evening.
  6. A lovely day so another glorious cotat 2015 rose.

    It's just bloody lovely.
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  7. A very sad bottle of 1988 JJ Hahn 1914 Block Shiraz, way over the hill so most of it went down the sink. Bought a case at an auction as a gamble, one bottle have been rather good, but the other tasted so far have been in various stages of decay. Based on the look of the bottles I think the case have been standing upright for a long time before I bought it.
  8. 64D80D96-BC19-4D5A-9FE0-AFD28E8FD359.jpeg We just drank this wonderful bottle of Czech Moravian Rhine Riesling from Jakub Novak. His wines are hard to source and sell out quickly. It might actually be the best Moravian Wine I’ve had so far (I’ve actually had a lot this year). I’m not the only one to rave over this. 13.5% abv might seem high for Riesling and it isn’t run of the mill, but it’s a version of Riesling you see only occasionally in Germany, though a bit more in Austria. 2015. A contender, with the Vilmart Rubis 2006, for WOTM so far.
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  9. Photography postponed for tomorrow so an utter bargain bought a few weeks ago from a wine merchant with a Spinifex ‘Cuvee Esprit’ 2007 (£109.70/12!) which is a Barossa GSM + Carignan & Cinsault and a lovely sunshine-y 14.5% alcohol balancing the now savoury fruit. Just perfect Tuesday night drinking - if you don’t need to get up at 6am to go to work the next day that is.
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  10. Superb picture, David. Your colour saturation is alluring and the complementary colours soothing on the palate.
    More importantly, how would you describe the flavour profile of the wine?
  11. I'm not messin' this evening.
    1989 Raiffault Chinon Vily - BOOM.....

    In your miserable face, Tuesday.

    Also had a generic Muscadet that was chilled to eye wateringly low temperatures which was perfect in the sun with my kids asking me about quadratic equations and why WW1 started.
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  12. I saw this but was nervous whether it was too old. I shall see if there is anymore remaining.
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  13. Denis Race Chablis GC Blanchots 2002: brilliant.
  14. Bourgogne Blanc 2008 Leflaive,
    Quite golden colour but surprisingly fresh, some buttern flavours,but a very good white Burgundy, better than a half Puligny last week.
    As a surplus a half Calon Segur 2001, nearly mature, but still fresh with well integrated tannins, cassis, earthy & mushrooms aromae, Medium body, a very decent half for a Tuesday night.
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  15. I bet it was, I used to think Denis Race was terrific but too many bottles went south; ones that didn't must be a joy at age 16.
  16. A glass of verdicchio in Pizza Express!
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  17. A rather indulgent Tuesday, as you ask, Tom...

    Averys 1989 Champagne
    Tyrells Vat 47 Chardonnay 1980
    Goldwater Estate Cabernet Merlot 1997 (Wahieke NZ)
    Grange 1971
    Petrus 1971
    La Pointe 1966
    Vieux Chateau Certan 1964
    Rieussec 1982
    Averys Vintage Port 1963

    Bloody hell that was a fine Tuesday
  18. Tuesday? Its a school night!
  19. Donovan Rall’s 2012 Swartland blend of Syrah and Grenache. Uncomplicated and very tasty.
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  20. Matthew, I expect that all the wine likely showed weel but could you please tell us about the 1980 Tyrrell's Vat 47 Chardonnay.

    Cheers .................... Mahmoud.
  21. Came home after playing a bit of sport and rehydrating with pitchers of beer at the club house. Dinner at home was accompanied by a bit of rosé, a 2015 cheapo from Spain called "La Doncella" de las viñas by Bodegas Familia Conesa and then the remains of the previous nights 2000 Santa Anastasia Nero d'Avola from Sicily which was tired but still hanging on. Lots of rustic qualities here, a dirty earthiness, ferrous minerality, and a hint of volatility in the finish.
  22. It nods towards a Smaragd Riesling from Wachau, or maybe Krems, because it has an element of restraint with the richness. It is almost “very fine indeed”, but assuming 2015 was a warm vintage in Moravia, as in most places, it might be said to have a touch of the vintage too.
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  23. Francois Feuillet Hautes Cotes de Nuits Rouge 2015. Lovely sweet raspberry fruit with a lick of pepper, healthy acidity and just a glancing brush of tannin. Delicious, highly drinkable and really well made. Also that oxymoron: a Burgundy bargain.
  24. We sat in the garden and Debbi was in the mood for some fizz (surprising I know).
    Having previously used the Seaview sparkling Pinot Chardonnay ex Lidl £3.99 for just Bucks Fizz with a bacon butty on a Sunday morning I served it for the first time solo.
    The Zalto Champgne glass is quite forgiving so it was duly poured showing a quite deep hay colour and lively though not not OTT mousse, I think though a manufactured product these bottles are carrying some age.
    .....Blummin awful, sour appletise and completely disjointed.
    I headed off to the kitchen to get some Aperol and soda, but Debbi suggested we should try a different glass.
    Riedel Grape range Champagne is a pretty decent all rounder so I gave that an opportunity.
    Well, whilst never going to challenge for WOTY, the Seaview was perfectly enjoyable, pretty tasty and balanced allbiet in a lower division sort of way and easily worth even the 7 quid it now trades at.
    For those who like m,e got a stash of these if it tastes cr@p try a different glass before using it in a mixed drink, it may pleasantly surprise you.
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