When 100% is just not good enough...

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  1. Sometimes one comes across wines that are a perfect combination of terroir, wine-making skill, the luck of the vintage, bottle, age and storage. Their clarity of delivery and depth speak of a profound link between man and Earth and offer a glimpse into the Elysian fields beyond. The wise men of old used to call these 100 pointers, or 20/20 wines.

    That's just so last year! 100% is not good enough! We're positively bored of it and saturated by its mediocrity! What to do? Luckily an answer has appeared in my inbox this morning: from beyond the stale fog a phantasm emerged of a wine so remarkable that the mere mention of 20/20 would be an insult. So, it turns out, would 20+/20. The magic of this wine of unshakable integrity is such that it deserves nothing less than 20++/20 !

    Well thank God for the presence of this drink on the EP market, I was becoming jaded, but now see the light again.
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  2. Ah points inflation - it's like 1922 in Germany all over again :).
  3. If I drank something I thought rated 100pts and then later drank something even better I'd quite happily go to 101 or 102!

    Though I don't think I've ever given something more than 96 pts. (Had a vague recollection of giving a 97 to a particularly delicious Chardy once but couldn't ever find it in my tasting notebooks).:)
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  4. "I'm 98 on that"
  5. Exactly, Richard.
  6. And that ended well!
  7. Ah, must be La Chapelle
  8. Funnily enough the "critic" in question has not to my knowledge reviewed the 2015 which is widely thought to be a better wine. Perhaps if he did that one would be a 20+++++++++ (and I said as much to Georgina, who has also forgotten to mention that Jeb Dunnuck had reviewed it and given it a very good but certainly not perfect score).
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  9. The review reads like a highly original blend of magical realism and double-speak.

    The remarkable thing though seems to be that this sort of stuff must sell the wine. Why else put it in the blurb?
  10. About time wine smashed the 100% barrier

    This Nduja di Spilinga, broke the barrier a while back and is currently cruising at 103% (70% pork, 30% chilli, 3% salt)

  11. Forward, with double-plus progress, and 20% more chocolate for all!
  12. Yes indeed, atheletes are often said to be putting in a 110% effort.
  13. Has anyone noticed some of the merchants are now quoting the “pounds per Parker Point” attained of the wine, so you can now calculate the marginal cost an extra Parker point will cost :confused:

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