WIMPS 10th anniversary Bordeaux

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  1. 40 WIMPS descended on La Trompette to consume the finest hospitality known in London and some wines they may have hoped might fit the occasion of a decade of fine luncheons. In many cases based on reports they have more than succeded. Apparently no corked wines across 40+ bottles today.

    A poorly framed and composed photograph of the seated WIMPS. Taken overhead by a terrible photographer (your correspondent).


    The menu


    Mr Palesford welcoming photography in his inimitable fashion


    The wonderful first course, a stuffed courgette leaf with wild trout and ?


    Many thanks to Ben for the 08 Moët to open proceedings.
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  2. Canard


    I struggle to recall the precise order of events and the menu is in my pocket. Needless to say there were three very fine wines and I greatly enjoyed the 83 Cantermerle with the star being the 88? La Lagune.

    This dish provoked tablewide murmurs of approval and was one of the finest dishes ever to grace a WIMPS lunch. Bravo.
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  3. Beouf


    An embarrassment of riches served alongside this fabulous course of beef. Each element tremendous in its own right but in combination it was marvellous sequence of textures and flavours.

    The younger wines suffered in comparison to the previous flight, but all jolly fine indeed if some requiring a slightly extended slumber before reaching their peak.
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  4. Dessert

    What a cracking dish. Perfectly judged and a delicious match to our Rieussec which showed a refreshing bitterness in comparison to the Climens 09 happily shared from a neighbouring table.

    The melting is due to my tardiness in returning from an intermezzo break.
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  5. Brilliant celebration of 10 years of wonderful lunches. Chapeau to Don, all at La Trompette and The Ledbury (with a special excursion to Medlar and The Square)
  6. Bravo indeed... The first shot has an interesting Essex / France fusion thing going on. With Paul-Antoine Singllar in the background... If only there was a photographer in the house! ( Love the food shots monsieur!)
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  7. Amateurs ruin everything
  8. George, a picture doth not always tell a thousand words.
  9. To appease Jeremy I will attempt to expand upon the above.

    Any WIMPS questioned on whether an after lunch refreshment is necessary or desired should refer enquiries to the following photograph which demonstrates the lack of personal space afforded on the Piccadilly Line in rush hour. Lingering is over a cold beverage with fine company is much more civilised.
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  10. Great lunch. Standout wine was easily the 1985 Léoville Las-Cases - perhaps the finest Saint Julien of that decade, closely followed by the 1966 Haut-Batailley and 1989 Domaine de Chevalier. Applause also for the 2008 Louis Roederer Brut Rosé that I could have imbibed all day in this weather.

    I know this has been asked a million times but please remind me...what does WIMPS stand for?
  11. Well that was a splendid lunch which befitted the occasion. A couple of heartfelt speeches & The Don remembered those who can no longer attend.
    Food was top notch. All our wines were in good nick (one highly dodgy, for a good while). TNs to follow.
    It is a splendid institution & I enjoyed catching up with a couple of reprobates who I hadn’t seen in a while.
    TNs to follow, if I don’t nod off.
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  12. High praise indeed, but hard to disagree with really, despite other strong contenders from the 1982 and 1986 vintages.

    I don’t think wimps is an acronym but it is a fine institution and long may it continue.

    Sorry to miss this lunch I look forward to reading more reviews and seeing more pictures.
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  13. There are (at least) two theories...

    (1) that a lunch that is basically a bottle per person has to be for wimps as *real* men often drink more...
    I...mbibers of

    There may be others...
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  14. That was a cracking lunch today, with all the usual joys of a WIMPS extravaganza and the enjoyment was heightened by a sense of occasion. It was great to be there to mark the 10th anniversary and to celebrate the community that supports WIMPS including the attendees, Don and past organisers, and all the staff of La Trompette. I'll post some notes on the wines from our table some time over the weekend.
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  15. The first theory is correct Neil
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  16. I’ve fallen out of love with Claret but it was the 10th anniversary so a major event, worth attending. And yet again a Bordeaux off-line came up trumps. They remain consistently high quality.
    Wines served (understandably) with a slight chill & so needed time to shift into gear. None transformed into a soupy mess.
    The scores are not definitive & no more than a guide. Moreover, for some there is an inbuilt bias due to familiarity or some such.
    Kicked off with a bonus Moët 2008. Tangy, tasty. ‘08 Champers do seem to have a certain dash & verve.

    2013 Château Mouton Rothschild Aile D'Argent Blanc
    Spritely, an initial hint of tropical fruit, this calm down; the showiness on the palate morphed into a zingy crispness. Elegant. ***+
    2001 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc
    This was distinctly poor: tired, soapy. After an hour, warmer & benefitting from air this had cleaned up & was on form. Spicy, powerful & real depth. **** If you have any, currently merits a splash decant.

    1983 Château Cantemerle
    Medicinal tinged herby bouquet, with a certain fragrance; cedary, evenly weighted. No need to rush. ***+
    1989 Château La Lagune
    An initial solidity. Cigar box, fresh; fleshy, vitality; finishes with panache. ****+
    1988 Château Léoville Barton
    Starts dusty & stern. Later good focus, drive & nervosity. Eventually this opened out. A try LB. this should drink well for another 15+ years.

    1994 Château Léoville Barton
    Solid, stern; tight, clean. Retains a tannic school. Unashamedly ‘old school’. Extended finish; a long distance runner. ***+
    2000 Château Cantemerle
    Medicinal overtones, fulsome, real depth. Tip top bottle. ***+
    2001 Château L'Evangile
    I always like this wine. Distinctive profile compared to other wines. Plush, lush even. Smashing swashbuckler. Plenty in the tank. ****+
    2004 Château Pontet-Canet
    Wasn’t expecting to like this. Lifted, bright fruit, a little bit of flash. Plenty on the finish. Proper wine. ****

    1989 Château Rieussec. Pleased to see this on our table & great to make a re-acquaintance. Marvellous, as ever. If you don’t like this, you don’t like Sauternes. *****
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  17. BORDEAUX 10TH ANNIVERSARY WIMPS - La Trompette, London (29/06/2018)

    Foie Gras, Brioche, Groseilles
    • 2008 Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Rosé - France, Champagne
      Pale salmon pink. A touch of strawberry. Minerally, fresh and with a lovely line. Very harmonious. Aperitif or food. Lots of energy. Very fine. **** (93 pts.)
    Fleur de Courgette, Truite sauvage et verveine
    • 1966 Vieux Château Certan - France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol
      Oxidised. NR (flawed)
    • 1966 Château Haut-Batailley - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
      Mid garnet. Lovely mature claret nose. Mellow, slightly savoury. Good acidity, relatively light. Some flavour here. Mellow cigar box starting to emerge with air. This has survived nicely and makes for a pleasant drink. (*)**1/2 (90 pts.)
    • 2010 Château Brown Blanc - France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan
      Full straw. Slightly muddy Sauvignon nose. Reasonably ripe on the attack with a leaner SB finish. Pleasant. *** (87 pts.)
    Cuisse de Canard confite, Bolloti, girolles, navet, cerises
    • 1995 Domaine de Chevalier - France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan
      Dusty, quite warm Graves nose. Something slightly dry and woody on the finish. Still some chew. A little lactic on the nose too. Dry and surly finish. Does seem to lift a little after an hour or so, so probably 95 rather than cork, but even so. Lacks charm, but signs of it getting there. **(*1/2)?
    • 1989 Domaine de Chevalier - France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan
      Nicely Graves nose. Tobacco and warm terracotta. Nicely fresh with a good line. Initially quite rich, but balances out to a nicely fresh finish. Lovely. **** (93 pts.)
    • 1998 Château Pape Clément - France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan
      Very ripe and slightly roasted on the nose. Dark and dense. Rich, a little inky. Full. Not a whole bottle proposition but I could see this working with hefty meat, and indeed it does. Dry on either side though. ***1/2 with the right food, *** otherwise. (88 pts.)
    Boeuf à la Bordelaise
    • 1995 Château Bel Air-Marquis d'Aligre - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux
      Full garnet. Initially a touch rustic on the nose. Nicely mellow attack and palate. Fresh. A non-alcoholic warmth here. Becomes quite savoury and puts on weight, filling out with air. Interesting and good. **** (91 pts.)
    • 1985 Château Léoville Las Cases - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien
      Lovely dense nose, more Pauillac than St J. Ripe, dense, lovely. Proper. Virile too. Oodles of energy. Must be one of the best 85s. As it warms and develops it becomes more St J on the nose, and the restrained richness of the vintage softens the masculine line. Just gorgeous. ***** (95 pts.)
    Tarte fine de nectarine, glace de Souci
    • 1988 Château Coutet - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Barsac
      Mid old gold. Far better than a bottle earlier this month. Nicely sweet without the medicinal edge. Not the most dense or lush, but nicely sweet and lived well with the superb pudding. Starting to trend towards foie gras or blue cheese rather than pudding, but it’s all still there, albeit with bottle variation. **** (91 pts.)
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  18. Lovely. Once again met new people and drank some wines I’ve never had.
    The 78 Talbot showed lovely, 2002 Pichin Baron was great with beef, I liked my Smith ahaut Lafitte 2000 but was very much surprised by the 09 Climens,
    I like Sauternes but not often blown away by one but this was great now and I’m sure it will be stellar in the future,
    Had a taste of an 88 Coutet which was lovely also.

    Didn’t dislike any of the wines on table which is great testament to what turned up.

    Thanks to Don, Restaurant and all involved, today and whenever.
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  19. 10 years! I am so fortunate to be able to participate in this glorious institute... the people, the organisation, the wine, the food.... where can you find anything like this in other part of the world?

    This is my second Bordeaux WIMPS, I guess my apetite to red wine has grown up a little bit. Please don't laugh at my note, just see them as my practice; at least here are some photos of the brilliant dishes we had today.

    We had a well-chilled Rieussec 2003 to start with pairing the foie gras brioche. It's a good kick start and worked because the wine was cold enough. Very good fruit, nice and correct Rieussec nose, unlike some quite disappointing Rieussec I had recently, this one is spot-on.

    (then I drank water to reset my palate from sweetness...)

    Laville Haut Brion blanc 2004 had some cheddar cheese nose, very refreshing palate and last long in the glass, lovely. I found it better after a period of time, maybe temperature, maybe air, maybe my palate finally recovered from sauternes.
    The 1966 Haut Bailly was replaced by 1990 Haut Bages L, mature in both nose and palate, tannin pretty much dissolved and easy to approach, slightly herby end.

    I think the courgette and trout sauvage was absolutely wonderful. The pea beans and (salmon?) eggs worked so well, too. In general La T has good quality dishes all the way through, but my dining experiences til now told me that it's starters are really on the top of top. It's creative but also hit the score almost everytime. I think many of starters that they created for us should be on their menu and I would happily order three starters by myself. I can immediately recall the amazing truffle dish we had in Christmas WIMPS 2017 and a quick roasted Oyster starter in a Burgundy WIMPS 2016 (?) were other two unforgetable dishes.


    1966 Ducru Beaucaillou, yum, yum. It has layers of complex nose, vivid palate with good acidity... last long in the glass showing it still has good years to come. WOTD.
    1971 Palmer was a bit tired so we were lucky to get a replacement: 1989 DdC... at first a bit shy but then showed a profound nose, pure and well-focus palate.. Second place of the wine today if considering palate.
    1996 Palmer, fresh nose, linear, good acidity with good fruit still, long.

    I quite like the duck confite itself. I think the sauce was slightly heavy, though not without good acidity to lift it. I am kind of used to this taste as it's used for suckling pig quite several times before in La T. It worked fine with the wine today. Not so much with the champagne chardonay table in 2016 Christmas though; but it was a multi-theme event so I guess it worked for other table.


    1995 Calon Segur was shockingly young, til the very end of event. I don't know how long people have to wait til it's open up its shell... 1989 CS in the contrast, was open for business and so expressive. Such as sweet nose. I struggle to decide which one I like better, 89 CS or 89 DdC... one is best in nose and one is best in palate.
    2000 Ducru B was another young chap, though not as tight as 95 CS. I quite like Ducru style, maybe I would buy some... but probably only older ones!

    The beef was very nicely cooked, even the greens under the meat was lovely tender. That mushroom was so nice, I even feel hungry now think of its taste. The sauce here worked perfectly well.


    Yquem 2004 was as it should be. Clean, pure, light, delicate, but with Yquem bouquet, energy and length. An excellent showing of a supposedly less vintage. They said that they went out many times to harvest in that year. Ended up we have this well-polished and carefully constructed wine. And it's getting better in the past two years.

    The dessert is fine. I think my dessert palate is different from La T's dessert chef, I often feel their dessert having too much acidity; surely it's my problem not his.
    For all the courses and corkage service, we only pay that price, it's almost a steal.


    I also tasted some Coutet 1988, a better bottle than I have brought to WIMPS, this one has no standing out bitterness, only nicely refreshing and light in weight. Suduriaut 1985 was a surprisingly light wine for the house, if I taste it blind I would never guess it!

    Again big thank to Don and this forum, it was really a privilege to be part of WIMPS, I sincerely feel so.
  20. The food and company were the stars of the show for me. The wines definitely a third. I enjoyed the whites but found the reds a bit boring albeit enjoyable. Thanks as ever to Don and La Trompette which is just top notch these days. We are very lucky to be able to dine here!
  21. I guess I missed the rush hours because I had a cup of tea in the bar next door.
    BUT it was warm like an oven even when it's not that crowded. Alcohol + high temperature + low oxygen + all the way cross the city to north London = lost conscious. Luckily I didn't miss my stop.

    And the way to WIMPS was pretty problematic too. It took me almost an hour to travel from Russell square to La T :confused:
  22. I really enjoyed it Julian, beautifully crisp and fine, still very tight but a great palette livener. Only had the one glass.

    Forgot to mention the two whites, amazing contrast, with the Mouton really interesting with a great amount of fruits but a dry presentation.
  23. And he knows, coz he coined it!
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  24. The food, the wine and the company what a wonderful afternoon to spend with. Thanks everyone this fantastic community, from Ledbury, The Square and La Trompette superb foods and services every time. Happy tenth anniversary to WIMPS!

    Thanks to nice notes and photos gentlemen. To our table thanks to all contributions including the stories and laughter. Shame about the VCC I pretty much looked forward to this as it is one of my favourite estate, I still have a bottle of '76 which is still drinkable.
    It's not a good picture but my other way to thank Señor Don.
    20180629_162139 (2).jpg

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