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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mark N Wright, May 13, 2018.

  1. Well what a waste of a weekend that was. I finally convinced my partner that it would be better to have my wine cabinet in the house rather than in the garage. The garage is usually locked but there are a few keys with family members etc and the other day some extending ladders went missing - it was someone we knew but they forgot to ask. I am away for 11 days soon and suddenly had a minor panic attack.

    So yesterday I emptied and cleaned my old Liebherr up including the used mouse nest underneath and today I took out a small worktop from the utility room altered some pipe work and managed to get it in position. What I hadn’t factored for was the kitchen bin would no longer fit in and I would need to repair some plasterboard. The missus hated the cabinet anyway (it is Burgundy colour with solid door plus scratches and paint splashes) so through a wobbly, and it couldn’t stay there.

    Anyway, everything is now back when it started. Cabinet in garage, wine away, pipes, worktop and walls made good.

    Only way round it is to buy a better looking glass fronted one and then I can put it inside. I can’t afford the £800+ for a new one so does anyone know of a good source of used or refurbished ones. Not too bothered about specific brand as long as it is not an imitation.

  2. Gumtree isn't a bad source. I found one via that route which was nearly new and a third of the original price. Though most require collection.

    They come up on Vinx sometimes too.
  3. eBay can be decent too. I have a glass fronted Liebherr that sits under the counter that I bought in immaculate condition for. £100.

    Agree with your wife on that Burgundy colour though. Bloody horrible.
  4. It was never meant for the house originally so at the time it seemed ok plus it was the range I could afford. Ideally a smart looking glass fronted one would be great.

    Have a possible seller. Has anyone experience of shipping these things?
  5. Mark,
    on a slight tangent, does your fridge work in the garage in winter?
  6. I am not sure to be honest. The gauge is very basic but seems to remain quite consistent
  7. I've concluded that spouses and wine fridges don't mix. mine tolerates the WFs cluttering up the garage, but would join yours in a big wobbly if I were to suggest a move indoors. let's face it, in this (as in most things) they are right. Wine fridges are never aesthetically pleasing (to anyone other than winos/forumites). even the posh ones with the smoky glass doors. and calling them "cabinets" is putting lipstick on the proverbial swine..
  8. Weirdly mine is inside, and the wife complained when i suggested moving it into the garage
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  9. Could post on exchange and check usual places like EBay. Also maybe turn things around and have two.
    I’ve just bought a Climadiff which I have in house (though it has the winter warming function) and it’s solid door single temp ageing cabinet. (We had a few heated discussions about WHY you need anything more than 40 bottles at home and WHY another wine storage fridge / unit was required and WHY it can’t just be put in the shed.)

    Downstairs I have an under the counter glass cooler which I put the stuff that’s ready to drink and of lesser value. It integrates into the kitchen very nicely but is only half height. I really like it and you can get some nice ones but these can cost a couple of grand so if your looking at the lower end then used certainly the way to go. May take a little while but something will come up.
  10. Yeah, the wine fridge question. My wife definitely sees it as totally different to a new piano (and the old one takes up good wine fridge space anyway). We don’t have a garage.
  11. How are you finding the climadiff?
  12. I bought a Climadiff a year or so ago and I think it is excellent. As Mike says it has a heating and cooling element so keeps your wine at the set temperature whatever the outside temperature. Mine has a glass front and I think looks reasonable smart but then it is next to a white fridge/freezer so anything would look smart next to that.
  13. Only couple of weeks in but it’s ideal as an ageing cabinet I think. Dark cool and bit of condensation in there to keep humidity up.
    I went with the CLA210+ I think it is which does about 200 bottles though will end up with less than that as added an extra sliding shelf.
  14. Kudos for even trying to get the wife in the garage.
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  15. I have been offered one that I can afford, however the owner lives a long way from me. I tried a search site called Shiply, but there are quite a few warnings of this site being a scam.

    Does anyone know a good but reasonable company or a method of searching for one that is genuine not bogus to transport large items like this?
  16. I used Shiply to move my wine cabinet Mark with no problems.

    It's a little freelance i think so maybe an up and down experience but a little thought into who you pick should see you right.
  17. Thanks Alex. Had some ok quotes but need to check the reputability of the companies offering to do it.
  18. Well, when i think back it was pretty comedy, with just a couple of very amenable Polish lads who did the job with a smile and some good cheer.

    Wine Fridges are buggers to move especially when you tell whomever not to tip it about!
  19. I moved a wine fridge with Shiply with no problems. They are basically a site to connect people up with man-with-van ops, but my experience was good.
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  20. Mine involved removing door from cabinet, removing door to room and the cabinet getting a full 360 degrees lift and upside down manoeuvre to be it up over bannister and round a corner.

    Leave up to 24 hrs and should be ok.
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  21. Hmm..
  22. Mark, try a site called anyvan. Basically you can post a job and people bid for your business reverse auction style. It’s all Indy businesses who are doing one leg full but then coming back empty so can be really cheap.
  23. Thanks Chris sounds a bit like Shiply.
  24. A bit, but as I understand it Shiply Simply give you a price, whereas on this one you’re dealing directly with the mover. Anyhow I’ve used the service for several clients and it’s always been very good and pretty cheap!

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