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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Craig Dennis, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Following on from the recent survey in regards to WS-Pro that Tom put up, my subscription is due for renewal which I would normally renew without a second thought, however this year I see that the renewal price is $60.

    I am trying to find what I have paid previously but am struggling. Whilst I use WS-Pro a fair amount it is a decreasing amount and more often than not for comparison purposes rather than necessarily purchasing, as such $60 seems to be a slightly excessive amount to pay for a price comparison site.

    Interested to hear of others views and whether it is just me that thinks that the subscription seems to be a step to far?
  2. I think it still offers good value, for me at least.
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  3. I've never subscribed and I remain in two minds. On the one hand it could be an incredibly useful tool. On the other hand I do not need any encouragement to buy wine, will only make matters worse!!
  4. There’s often a difference of $60 between two merchants on the same case of wine. Without WS it’s hard to find that out!
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  5. It also provides a useful cross-check if you are thinking of selling a wine, now or in the future. Like Tom, I think it is good value.
  6. It's the worst enabler out there. I had to drop my subscription!
  7. My memory often plays tricks but I think that may mean the price has quickly moved from about 30 to something under 40 (I thought I paid 36 last year) to 60 in quick succession. They must have been watching some chateaux envious and decided to get in on the game.
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  8. Still fair value for me.
  9. I dropped mine in the end for a few reasons. Firstly it was getting pretty pricey. It's surely doubled in 10 years? Secondly, I am trying to buy less, thirdly my buying patterns have changed as I tend to buy more single bottles on spec; I buy more from a narrow range of merchants; I follow specific wines more and often from the domaine itself; and I buy more in sales.
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  10. Great value and indispensable to me
  11. Responsible for price increase. Amazing in France where a lot of shops have put up their price to « secondary « levels and refer you to WS. .. of course with big merchants manipulating prices with chancing...
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  12. Interesting spread of responses. It has certainly been a very valuable tool historically, I think that I agree with Fletcher in that it seems to have ramped up quite a bit, although this is more of a gut feel than anything else, and that I guess is more of what I am querying. It is a very useful tool, so was interested to understand how others had found the raise. Appreciate the input.

  13. I pondered for a week on my last renewal. I realised I get at least that much value out of it, but the price increase versus last year certainly made me stop and think.

    Like Ben, my buying habits have developed in such a way that I don't necessarily need it any more. If it becomes $80 next year, I won't renew until I find a reason to use it.
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  14. It must have doubled in the last 5 years, not 10. I renewed this year but only after a lapse of some months because I didn't need it in the interim.
  15. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Pricing of online services like this is so difficult. I think we can all recognise the years of investment and effort that have gone into wine-searcher, its on-going committment to every expanding and improving its coverage, and the fact that for 'fine wine' buyers it serves a unique and remarkably comprehensive purpose. So how much is it worth in terms of subscription? I guess as well as buying habits referred to above, it also depends on how much and how many of its extended 'Pro' facilities you use. I tend to only look up wines to find retailers and prices in the UK. So 9 times out of 10 I set the UK filter, type in a wine name, and look at the results, then I'm out again. Others will use the many extended facilities, reports and options.
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  16. There can often be quite a lot more than that difference even on a bottle.
  17. Not necessarily at the level that I am buying at these days ;)
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  18. Again depends on usage and what $60 means to you.
    For me it helps find stock in uk, I can expand to worldwide delivery to find retiallers I’d never find otherwise.
    Having a number of reviews there to hand doesn’t hurt to get an overview and description of the taste so I get an idea if it’s my sort of thing or quick comparison.
    I’ve found a case of wine £160 cheaper than anywhere else just recently and I’ve also found the last case in the UK (possibly) on something I wanted so its great.
    It’s also cost me a fortune finding and buying new wines so not all good

    To be honest for me personally right now I’d pay $120 which is $10 a month so at $60 I wouldn’t even think about it but if my habits changed and I sold most of my wine and wasn’t buying too much I may drop it.
  19. I hesitated too Craig, as I am also buying a lot less now, but in the end went for it as even though the price does seem to have risen quite sharply in the last year or two it is still cheap overall when you think about what it gives you.
  20. I haven't renewed this time round, I buy mostly on release from a small number of merchants these days and the price just became a slight hurdle whereas before it was low enough not to think about. I don't blame them for the pricing, it's a pretty niche market so they are looking to extract maximum revenue.
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  21. I stopped a few years ago when the search limit came in. Must say that I really dont miss it - as with others I now have a number or merchants and producers I like and really dont need to always seek out the rock bottom price.
  22. For those who like to buy good mature burgundy at affordable prices it has always been an invaluable tool. It still is, though inevitably less so than it was.
  23. Let me get this right? You pay for wine searcher pro and there is a limit on the number of searches ?
    Just as I was thinking of signing up........
  24. And the kind of thing that one might do if one was planning to sell the business ?
  25. You would have to make a very large number of searches before you reached the limit, David. Far more than anyone would need unless they were a major player ITB.

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