Wine Tasting fees

There was then an impromptu extension to the tour, where they got to taste the rarer Cru proseccos, the traditional method sparklers and the still wines, none of which are normally shown. It shows that you can kind of accommodate both the day tripper, paying for an experience, and the more genuine wine enthusiasts keen to discover more for whom you are happy to open some bottles.
Some years ago (2009ish?), two of us visited a pretty well known Barolo producer. We had obtained an appointment but we were relative plebs. I couldn’t recall buying their wines though I’d tried them at events from time to time. After being given a fairly extensive tour and having been ushered into the tasting room, the lady of the house informed us that regrettably because of unidentified constraints there wasn’t any Barolo for us to taste, though we could try the dolcetto and barbera.

More or less at that moment, a black Audi estate with German plates rolled up outside. Initially confused as to who they were, the lady of the house greeted the three guys who issued from within it very warmly. They must have said words to the effect that they didn’t need a tour, and just wanted to proceed to tasting. So - lo and behold - we all sat down in a room with the new German arrivals and numerous bottles appeared which we tasted, including Barolo…
If I remember correctly, Bouchard Pere et Fils in Beaune charge a tasting fee in their rather fancy new retail area. However, it is waived if a certain amount of wine is purchased. That seems a sensible compromise, allowing the oenotourist with limited luggage space the option to pay while the local who wants a couple of cases tastes for free.
Was at the Bouchard Chateau de Beaune in 2018 as the preferred wine tour that could include the non wine heads on our 3 generation 2 family holiday staying at Chateau de Tailly near Meursault. They had 2 tiers, and we went for the upper one, about 90 euros. Worked out really well, as the tour of the magnifcent cellar with an explanation of the history by an excellent guide was of interest to all. The tasting had Clos de Beze, Corton, Baby Jesus and Genevrieres amongst others. Everyone bought some Baby Jesus and the wine heads had a bit more. Was the highlight of the trip for the majority so did what I hoped it would do.