Worst wine for the most money?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Thom Blach, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. If one were looking to part with a vast sum for a very second rate and tedious experience what would be the first port of call? faulty wines not included otherwise white burgundy would win hands down.
  2. Ace of spades surely. Not that I’ve ever tried it.
  3. Chateau Pavie 2003.
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  4. Harlan, Screaming Eagle or Masseto.
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  5. Coulee de Serrant
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  6. Great thread.Dont have to be the ridiculously expensive either. Happy to see the £50 / £100 bottles that are awful to drink.
  7. I had a magnum of Ace of Spaces BdB once after doing a friends christening. It was AWEFUL! I ran back to my house to grab some Pol NV bottles which smacked the pants off it. A mere £1600 bargain from Gatwick apparently.

    I'd also second Screaming Eagle. A very kind sommelier at the Hawksmoor brought over a sample glass, not telling us what is was, several years ago, it was dense, chewy, and frankly tough going. I guessed young Aussie Cab, it was Screaming Eagle 2007, a supposedly stupendous vintage :eek:

    I think I'd also say Grange. I've had it many times, often with 20-25 years plus of age. Yet I've never got it and always felt it was rather monolithic, big and shut down.
  8. I don't think Grange is actually bad, though, even if it is rarely ready.
  9. Ace of spades, I've had a few different ones of them, and whilst I'd argue it isn't quite as awful as everyone says, QPR is horrifically bad.
  10. Ace of spades Rose is even worse!
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  11. A lot of top end Condrieu is like trying to drink Castrol GTX.

    Otherwise I'd say any over the top new world gloop fests.
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  12. They can be magnificent though.....
  13. That's the problem though - you could say the same about Selosse champagnes. It's not that the peaks are not high - more that the averages are such a let-down because of the high incidence of failures. Though maybe this generic approach fails Thom's original criterion.
  14. I think it probably does if a wine offers at least the chance of magic, Ian, after all it's always a gamble.
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  15. It's pretty hard to argue with that, as bad as some other expensive wines can be. I've never understood, though, why some of my colleagues waited until 2003 to call the new Pavie out -- the preceding few vintages were also quite awful, notwithstanding my colleagues' respectful, if not adulatory, remarks.
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  16. My vote would go for the monstrously over extracted and undrinkable Pavie 2005. The irony is that they could have made a great wine, by not ‘making’ it.

    I have a bottle of Pavie 2003, which I received as a gift from a wealthy landowner who clearly dislikes me.
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  17. but not sufficiently to have made it a magnum ;)
  18. 1988 Petrus. And probably for me Petrus full stop. Give me VCC every time at a 1/10th of the price.
  19. So many fake but not faulty Madeiras on the market ... that’s not a bad place to start.

    But also don’t forget the wines that people buy to complete collections not to drink ... some of the rarest Sine Qua Non, for example. Or the worst vintages of Mouton just bought for the label. Or Screaming Eagle Sauvignon.
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  20. I’m not sure 2003 Pavie is the worst. 2000 may be worse.
  21. I think Tom Stevenson did an excellent piece on some of the luxury variants of Champagne that make Ace of Spades look like a good deal. If I recall correctly there was a sparkling wine that contained gold flakes that couldn’t be bottled in Champagne nor sold as Champagne. The first 24 bottles of Mariah Carey’s Champagne Angel in special packaging were priced at £250,000 each.
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  22. That is really quite impressive.
  23. There was an expensive vessel of bin 42 I saw at Hedonism the other day. More expensive than rubbish, I suspect. I guess it may come good in time?
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  24. La Doucette Puilly-Fume. Absolutely average SB that Is promoted as some sort of super Cuvee. Really to be avoided - give me a Parkarised St Emillion over this drivel any time.

    A friend has had a few bottles of Ace of Spades and apparently it’s not all that bad.

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