Broadcast weekly across the Scottish Television network, The Hour was a lively magazine programme where Tom Cannavan was the resident wine expert.


Wines for alfresco dining

Three summery wines tasted that would grace any table at any time, but these have a particular charm for picnics and outdoor dining this summer season.

Coming up Rosés

Three contrasting examples include an unusual Shiraz & Touriga Nacional blend, a delicate Provence Rosé and a sparkling rosé Pinot Noir from Australia.

Eurovision wines

A bit of fun as we tasted wines from three Eurovision contenders on the weekend of the contest, to see if we can predict the winnner from either Germany, France or Spain.

Chuckle Brothers fun

How fitting for a week when I introduce three terrific wines, all being sold as part of the Comic Relief charity. I am joined on the live show by the legendary Chuckle Brothers, who are as unpredictable as ever.

Spanish flavour

From fresh, zingy white wines to full-bodied, fruity reds, Spain has been on a roll in recent decades with new regions being developed and improvements in winemaking across the country.

Wines with… pancakes?

Pancakes might not sound like the ideal wine matching prospect, but we have a go, from Russian blinis with caviar to French crepes with deliciously savoury fillings, to the classic American breakfast.

Wine in miniature

There’s been a surge in the number of miniature bottles of wine on sale, but in our investigation we found many that weren’t as fresh as they should be, and that you pay a premium for the convenience.

Let’s get fizzical

In the Hour’s last show before Christmas 2010 what else could we feature, but Champagne? From an ultra-reliable Grand Marque, to a brilliant and bargain-priced supermarket own-label vintage wine.

Christmas Trio

In this show we up the budget slightly with three wines costing more than £10, ideal for matching with a classic Christmas lunch based around roast turkey and Chrismas pudding.

Wine with curry

Wine may not always be the obvious choice to match to a spicy Indian curry, but chose carefully, and there are red, white and fizzy wines that can do the job beautifully.

Red wines chill out

Pop star to Opera star Darius joins me to taste through three red wines chosen specifically because they suit being served cool. We taste Barbera, Chinon and Beaujolais.

Le Beaujolias est arrivé

This show went out on the third Friday of November so we tasted the Beaujolais Nouveau from M&S which gets a mixed reaction, plus a nice little 2009 Beaujolais from Asda for less than a fiver.

Wine for bonfire night

Going out just before Guy Fawkes night, some ideas for wines – and non-alcoholic punch – suitable for a cold evening spent lighting the blue touch-paper and enjoy the fireworks.

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