Australia 2017 – 2. The Adelaide Hills

In part II of this major series on Australia, we travel to the cool Adelaide Hills

Australia 2017 – 3. McLaren Vale, Clare and Eden

Part II of this major Australian series: onto McLaren Vale, and the Clare and Eden Valleys

Australia 2017 – 4. Yarra, Mornington & Geelong

Australia part IV: on to Victoria's Yarra Valley, Mornington and Geelong

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Wines of the Year 2017

Tom's Wines of the Year 2017, in nine categories

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wine-pages' visitors declare their Wines of the Year 2017

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Palate Calibration Exercise 2017 Results

The results are in: see what 55 different tasters thought of the same wine

Palate Calibration Exercise 2017

Join us in this unique wine tasting experiment

A glass for Champagne

Tom Cannavan hunts for the ideal all-round glass for Champagne

Tom on TV

Rosé wines

TV designers Justin and Colin join Tom to taste three rosé wines

Floral wines

Tom holds it together as co-host Michelle McManus takes the giggles

Scottish connection

Wine tasting goes surreal as Tom is joined by comedian Noel Fielding