New Zealand 2020: part II – Central Otago

A tour of Central Otago. Part II of our major New Zealand 2020 report

New Zealand 2020: part III – Marlborough

Visiting some of Marlborough's top estates. 110 wines tasted

New Zealand 2020: part IV – Hawke’s Bay

Te Mata, Trinity Hill, Craggy Range, Supernatural Wine Co, Mission Estate and more

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Wines of the Year 2019

Tom's Wines of the Year 2019, in nine categories

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wine-pages' visitors declare their Wines of the Year 2019

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Tom's Wines of the Year 2018, in nine categories

Essays & Opinions

Repour wine saver

Trying out a new take on wine preservation from Repour

Wine, and the four ages of cheese

Matching wines to 12- to 48-month aged Džiugas cheeses

Why most restaurant wine is rubbish

Lower quality and higher prices for those wine labels aimed at the restaurant trade

Tom on TV

Rosé wines

TV designers Justin and Colin join Tom to taste three rosé wines

Floral wines

Tom holds it together as co-host Michelle McManus takes the giggles

Scottish connection

Wine tasting goes surreal as Tom is joined by comedian Noel Fielding