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Wine-pages visitors may not know that I also host online tastings which you can join from the comfort of home. I lead the tastings via Zoom, with wines delivered to your door. We’ve got a great crowd of regulars, but new tasters are always welcome. Discover our relaxed and enjoyable, but information-packed format. Tickets £25.


Thursdays 13 and 20 April

Having just returned from my 10th visit to South Africa I am once again bowled over by the country’s wines. Since the end of apartheid nothing has stood still for South Africa’s winemaking, wineries and wine regions. An influx of ambitious and savvy young winemakers has joined the Cape’s celebrated ‘old guard’, exploring new terroirs and new approaches to wine.

Nothing is off the table in the resurgent South Africa, which in my opinion is one of the world’s most exciting wine countries. Discover the new South Africa via six wines, from Palomino to… Blood & Chocolate.

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18th & 25th May

Are you a ‘seasonal wine drinker’? For many of us dark winter nights call for hearty reds, while in summer whites, rosés and lighter reds come into play.

But it’s not just about colour: it’s about alcohol, serving temperature and wine style. Wines with modest alcohol are ideal for lunch-time sipping in the garden, but so too are inexpensive sparkling wines for those summer celebrations. And of course, summer is barbecue time, so what wine to choose that will do justice to a well cooked burger or steak, without blowing the budget?

This tasting answers all those questions!

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15th & 22nd June

The UK’s shelves hardly do justice to this extraordinary wine country with its 300 indigenous grape varieties, dozens of terroirs, or its historic regions. In a country that hugs the cold Atlantic yet extends inland to the hot and mountainous Spanish border, the quality and diversity of its wines is there to be discovered.

We’ll focus on indigenous grape varieties spanning five regions, from the cool and coastal Minho to Trás-os-Montes, the ‘Land Beyond the Mountains’ in the seldom visited inland northeast. We’ll taste wines rooted in history, but made by modern-thinking and ambitious young winemakers who are taking on the world.

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