France, Lyons: Resource file

Eating and Sleeping

by Bryan Collins: Trois Gros is truly awesome. Go if you possibly can. Sure it isn’t cheap, but it’s no more expensive than a top London restaurant (and cheaper than some of those!)

Howard Sherry: After a bad experience in Bocuse 5 years ago I never recommend it. Right downtown is Léon de Lyon. Better than Bocuse and in town.

David Smith: Not sure if you are mobile but I do recommend either of Georges Blanc’s restaurants in Vonnas – around 45 minutes to the North, maybe a bit less if you take the autoroute. M y particular favourite there is L’Ancienne Auberge – top notch fodder and a cracking and modestly inflated wine list. He has a place called Le Splendid in Lyons and if it is anywhere near as good as Vonnas it might be worth seeking out.

Michael Lyons: Restaurants – Magnificent food at Alain Chapel in Mionnay about 20 minutes by car from Lyon; La Pyramide (chez Point) in Vienne is only around half an hour from Lyon. Those have two Michelin stars but there are a number of bouchons” where you can eat traditional Lyonnaise cuisine – not to be missed; Le Merciere (rue Merciere) and Poivre d’Ane (I think in the 3eme arrondissement).

Wine and things to do

Peter Ambrose: A pleasant ride a few miles down the Rhone will take you to Condrieu where there certainly is a nice shop (see

Michael Lyons: Wine shops – Caves Malleval – rue Emile Zola (I don’t remember which number but near the Place Bellecour end); Antic Wines – run by the (crazy) flying sommelier Georges de Santos – try to engage him in conversation (he speaks english) about anything… This is just beside the posh hotel “Les Trois Roses” I don’t remember the name of the street. Worth a visit, if you’re into food, is La Halle de la Part Dieu – a luxury indoor marketOoops, the hotel is called La Tour Rose…

Eric Texier: Hi, since I’m living near Lyon and eat quite often in restaurants, here are my favorite restaurants right now (By order of price): En Mets Fais ce Qu’il te Plaît, 43 r Chevreul 69007 LYON tel : +33 478 72 46 58 ; Mathieu Viannay, 47 av Mar Foch 69006 LYON tel : +33 478 89 55 19; Maison Borie, 3 pl Antonin Perrin 69007 LYON tel : +33 472 76 20 20; Restaurant les Loges Nicolas le Bec, 6 r Boeuf 69005 LYON tel :+33 472 77 44 40. All of them doing a fine, classic cuisine. Le Bec is the rising star. My finest meal in years in the Lyon area (even if you compare with the 3 stars michelin).At En mets… Katsumi is doing the most original cooking. Maison Borie is pricey but dramatic… Viannay is the more balanced, the one where I could go twice a day.