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(2014) I had not tasted Paul's top wine from the Napa Valley since the 2005 vintage, which was not a great one. And 2009? "It's the year when the tail end of a typhoon swept through the vineyards just at harvest time. It left in its wake a lot of humidity, and you could see grapes turning to "fuzz" in front of your eyes. We had to hand-pick everything because the tractors could not get into the vineyards, but we brought in some really nice fruit." 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, the nose is so complex, so cedary and tobacco-touched, with a tiny note of green olive and graphite over very refined black fruit - hinting at blueberry and damson blackness. The palate displays such beautiful graphite, edgy, superbly poised black fruit. There's a light resinous quality, but it is really just concentration of sheer and smooth tannins and fruit. There really is copious sweet fruit, but always edged with that sheerness and grip. Lovely balance, the final impression is all about sweet, ripe, rounded and supple black fruit.
Displaying results 10 - 11 of 11