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(2016) Great personality here, punchy and full of flavour, this is vivacious stuff with an extra lever of acidity and the beautiful fresh strawberry and cherry fruit. What a lovely summer in the garden wine.
(2016) Beautifully packaged, with subtle slate and schist to the peppy raspberry and cherry pit dry aromas, perhaps the small percentage of the white variety Rolle (Vermentino) adding to the elegance. The flavour follows through, with loads of tangerine and mandarin orange brightness and hints of tropical flavour. Lovely long finish and balance.
(2016) This is drinking beautifully, an organic rosé with herb-touched orange and crunchy apple, delightful with loads of peachy but dry fruit and there's a whiff of ozone through the citrussy finish.  A great example of the style.
(2015) Composed of a majority of Grenache, along with Cinsault and Syrah, this is a lovely and in many ways typical Provence rosé, but the crunching freshness is superb, with gravelly, mineral nuances to the raspberry fruit, a touch of wild herbs and leafy green too. The palate is bone-dry and savoury, but that is not to say it lacks fruit: that soft yet precise red fruit freshness is all there, a very gentle tannin support and of course vivid acidity is crying out for summer drinking - on its own in the garden or with a garlicky, tomato and chilli pasta perhaps.
(2015) 13.0% abv. A typically pale, peachy pink Provence style, the nose all about beautifully delicate summer seeds and fruits: rose-hips and pomegranate, redcurrant, cranberry and ultimate freshness. On the palate a burst of rosy red apple fruit and crunch, more of that small red berry fruit, but all the time a fine, long, shimmering acidity to balance. It is a delicious rosé. Bring on the sunshine.
(2015) 13.5% abv. One of the palest and herbiest, most subtle roses of this tasting, just the blush of a peach, and apple skin freshness and fragrance, the palate dry and showing a touch of creamy soft berry fruit and a phalanx of taut, juicy citrus acidity. Sophisticated.
(2015) Alc 13%. 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah. Gorgeous nose - suffused with dry, delicate flowers and berries, but a pungent hint of elderflower too. In the mouth it is dry but decisive, with good concentrated fruit and the merest whisper of tannin to give it some gravitas in the finish - despite its astonishingly light colour.
(2015) Alc 13.5%. Predominantly Mourvèdre with some Grenache Noir and Cinsault. Nice deep cherry pink colour. Boiled sweets and cherry, slightly lipsticky lift to this. Loads of summer berries and flavour, and quite delicious with a lick of salty acidity.
(2013) 12.5%, Cork. A regular star of the Majestic range, this Provence rose ramps up the fruit concentration and pungency, a little Sauvignon-like hit of herbs and tropical fruits, but it is all reined back in on the palate as the dry cranberry fruit concentration persists. More gastronomic than some here, pair this with sardines or anchovies.
(2013) 13.0%, Diam cork. Classic Provence pale peach/salmon colour, and classic nose too, the dry rose-hip and cranberry scents, the redcurrant and slightly wild, garrigue aromas of herbs and flowers. Delightful palate, the racy citrus of the acidity scything through the refined red fruit, and enough weight, texture and just the merest hint of tannin and spice to give this savoury credentials.
Displaying results 10 - 20 of 23