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(2014) Assembled from the best parcels of several plots with an average vine age of 25 years, the winemaking is very similar to the classic Riesling above. Slightly more depth to the colour perhaps, and a pronounced minerality on the nose, just little hints of beeswax and parrafin over cool apple fruit and delicate floral notes. There is a lovely lime intensity of fruit on the palate, very pure, with that touch of waxiness or smokiness, even a hint of spice, but still with only 12.5% alcohol so light and refreshing in style. Undeniably more complex than the 2012 Riesling cuvée, but both have their charms for sure.
(2012) Hugel's 'Gentil' is an easyish-drinking blend of Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat and Sylvaner that is ultra-reliable. The nose of the 2009 has a touch of baked apple and spice, and clean, crunchy fruit aromas of apple and citrus. On the palate it is pretty dry, with lot of crisp white fruit minerality and just a little sense of citrus peel juiciness. Long and mouth-watering stuff, it is not packed with personality but has a lovely precision and a bit of authority too.
(2012) Hugel's Gewurz has a relatively discreet and reserved nose, the grapefruit zest aromatics just giving way to a little more of the flowery, more exotic character. The palate is medium-bodied, lots of good spice and lychee-like Gewurz fruit coming through, and whilst this hints at a just off-dry sweetness, the big solid core of acidity and a bit of phenolic grip adds weight and decision on the finish.
(2012) A bit of waxy character here, lemon and lime fruit. Very nicely pitched - fruity, but intriguingly mineral too. The palate is full of fruit. Is this technically off-dry? Hard to say as the whooshing weight of acidity sweeps through over the quite opulent fruit. Deliciously tangy, packed with flavour and texture.
(2012) The Blancks have farmed in the village of Kientzheim for generations, yet the screwcap on this bottle shows they move with the times. The nose has a classical Gewurz fragrance, but with a fairly restrained, honey and citrus-peel character too that keeps it quite tight. On the palate this is decidedly off-dry, with a subtle ginger note, plenty of spiciness and all the time a more steely core of mineral and lemon pith to keep it sharp and tighten up those hints of tropical fruits. A great partner for Chinese food, but for prawns and shellfish too.
(2012) Leafy nose, a touch of waxiness and bold apple skin bite and lemon peel intensity. The palate has lovely fruit: it is pure and ripe, with a softening edge of fruit sweetness to the mid palate, but a pristine, razor-sharp finish where the acidity flashes through.
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