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(2017) So ripe and generous, rich and almost strawberry-scented, that nice tropical character but then the delicate smokiness and the very firm edge of acidity, meaning the 9g/l of sugar just disappears into the finish.
(2017) With only 5g/l of residual sugar this is essentially dry, with delightfully delicate Muscat aromatics, fresh grapy and perfumed, and a certain mango and grapefruit skin richness on the palate. Long finish, very well balanced by the acidity and a certain mineral element.
(2012) Subtle smoky and nutty aromatics, the Nivea cream perfume building behind. Fat, creamy and richly off-dry on the palate, this has delicious flavour and a flood of lychee and sweet glacé fruit, with good acidity, but definitely in need of lighter fruity desserts or perhaps spicy Szechuan food for ultimate pleasure.
Displaying results 10 - 13 of 13