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(2016) Fine nose, flinty, some seashell touches, a hint of oak (vanilla and a little smokiness) and clean, pure orchard fruits. The palate has really concentrated and intense fruit, lots of fruit sweetness crowding the mid palate, then salt drives through, seasoning and lifting the wine, the fine juicy character has so much bracing acidity and a long, concentrated finish.
(2016) A Right bank Cru from a vineyard facing almost west, this has quite nice forward fruit alongside the meaty notes of the oak and terroir and those subtle salty notes. The fruit is plummy and has some red apple. There’s a buttery richness to the texture, a broad-based fruitiness, that truffle and savoury umami character. Acidity of course is very good, but the fruit density and ripeness impresses here.
(2016) Orange and nutty notes, there is a little hint of something leafy and green herby, then the palate brims with a very pure fruit, just streaking with freshness and mineral precision,  but what a lovely fruit quality. Gorgeous stuff, searingly fresh.
(2016) Wild, soulful stuff, the minerals and little truffle and meaty quality. Such a dry, uncompromising acidity, absolute clarity but a mealy, rolling texture, great concentration and delicious grip. Fabulous length, the acidity and flinty terroir so impressive.
(2016) Superb complex salts and minerals, wild herbal character and thrilling acidity. There's a juiciness and streaking lemon peel brightness, but it is the thrilling clarity of the mineral acidity that is so vital and invigorating.
(2016) A nice touch of green fruit and there is more flint here, more oyster shell character, though once again it is made in an expressly fruity style with ripe sweet orchard fruits. The palate has a lot of brightly focused orangy fruit, bright lemon juice, and then some good acidity with enough saltiness and a broadening hint of oatmeal, nice texture.
(2016) A tiny herbal note and lots of juicy acidity, a really nice squiritng orange zest and juice, so fresh, much fresher and a wine that at last begins to really speak of the terroir. The freshness and juiciness, with excellent length also.
(2016) Lovely weighty nose – quite plush for a Puligny in a way, with nuts and orchard fruits, but then little hints of blossom and waxiness. Long and full of flavour, a racy pithy acidity and lots of pure, fresh, crystalline fruit, that has a mineral and salt character as well as the fullness.
(2016) Lots of aroma here, with a little bit of herb and nutty character suggesting savouriness, and a hint of honeyed development. The palate has juicy fruit that is very fresh and squirts across the tongue with a fat lemony freshness, quite tight in the finish, good acidity, but weight and fullness too. A complex and structured wine.
(2016) Beautifully creamy and hazelnut rich touches of custard and apricot and utterly charming. Powerful palate, great nutty concentration and a lovely shimmering length and freshness. Juicy and lemony, and though not enormously complex in the finish, utterly delightful.
Displaying results 10 - 20 of 50