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(2016) The Co-op of Condes de Albarei's Albariño is delicately perfumed and ultra-fresh and refined aromatically, delicate seashells and flowers amongst the downy peaches. In the mouth it's all citrus and slightly tart apple, a good crisp and lively style, though perhaps just a tad harsh in the finish after that lovely nose.
(2016) A particularly birght and zippy Albariño this one, punchily limey and crisp clean apple fruited, with a little floral edge adding interest. Despite the low alcohol it packs a flavour wallop, lots of citrus, lots of clean, lean orchard fruit and just hints of peach or nectarine flitting at the edges. A very nice example.
(2015) >From the Rias Baixas outpost of a Rioja giant, this is sea breezy and salty with a tang of lime skins and a cool apple hint. The palate is really fresh, lots of citrus to the acidity, a hint of that saltiness, but it is quite full textured and has good, leesy and fruit weight. A good buy on the offer price.
(2014) More subdued aromatically, a touch of something nutty or creamy, a little cashew hint even, but clean and poised apple fruit. The palate has real juiciness, a big stripe of citric and mineral acidity, flashing through the sour lemon, mouth-watering richness of the finish.
Displaying results 10 - 14 of 14