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(2020) Fascinating nose, with the apricot and very ripe pear aromatics, the 100% barrel ferment and wild yeast giving creaminess, a bit of skin contact. Nutty, but then quite exotic lychee notes to the fruit profile, floral too. Packed with flavour, packed with interest. I really liked this, but no UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2020) From inland blocks, whole bunch pressed into barrel for wild ferment. Creamy, a touch of vanilla and buttery nuttiness, the palate showing a peachy fruit, a dry apple core acidity and more phenolic grip in the finish.
(2020) Quite a deep yellow/emerald colour, a touch of that yeasty, wheat beer character also citrus peel. On the palate, nectarine, or rather the skins of nectarines and peaches, so much grapefruity tang to this, bone dry and pithy in the finish.
(2020) Originally made as a proportion of the fruit destined for the Green Glow bottling. Skin contact, made in old wood. Yeasty, more wild than Green Glow, with herb and vegetal notes that are intriguing, the lemon rind and full peachy, ripe juicy pear fruit, finishing with great clarity. The 'Minus 220' refers to the fact this has no added sulphur, AKA 'Preservative 220'.
(2020) Skin fermented, a lovely rose gold colour. Seven days on skins which is less than normal, but first time this wine has been made since 2016, as you need perfect fruit to do skin contact. Briary and lightly earthy, toffee, tobacco, seeds and nuttiness, with such a lovely blast of fruit, peach kernels and pithy orange. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2020) I guess slightly more orthodox than some here, but only slightly: still 10 to 12 months on lees with a little skin contact before pressing. Fine, elegant apple skin and lemon, has an interesting herbal character, lightly spicy and has a yeasty autolysis. Lovely palate, peachy, spicy with a bold rosy apple fruit, nice apple and pithy lemon acids. Price and stockist is for the previous vintage at time of review.
(2020) The 14.5% alcohol surprises, but what a lovely wine made from 40-year-old vines. Buttery lanolin quality, lime and orange rind and waxiness, some Brazil nut leesiness. The palate bursts with sweeet fruit, nectarine juice and then the acidity, and then that little bit of phenolic grip adds a serious note to the finish. No UK retail listing at time of review.
(2020) Buttery vanilla and crushed almond and oatmeal, a sweet and ripe orchard fruitiness, a little note of flint. Beautifully pure, very sweet fruit, quite plump and succulent, generous, long finish. No UK retail listing at time of review.
(2020) Cape Crest is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, with around 10% - 15% of Semillon and Sauvignon Gris, made in immersion barrels, with three months battonage. Immersion barrels are made with a special technique that extracts tannin from the oak, resulting in a softer character being imparted to the wine. A touch of Jack Daniels, oatmeal and cream, the palate quite waxy with some leafy, soft herbs, an attractive and balanced wine. Price and stockist quoted for the 2018 vintage at time of review.
(2020) From the recently acquired vineyard in Hawke's Bay and vinified in older French oak, a lovely quality of almond and oatmeal, soft, a light butteriness and the juicy character, some flint. On the palate green apple and a touch of ripe pear and melon, a squirt of lemon juice freshness is very focused.
Displaying results 10 - 20 of 23