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(2012) A blend of Marsanne, Grenache and Vermentino and a touch of Viognier, partially barrel-fermented and aged. Very nice, discreet oak nose with almond and oatmeal, brings a rich quince and fig character and quite full bodied. There's a waxiness to this, a touch of star fruit and lemon rind, giving freshness and liveliness despite relatively low acidity. Delicious.
(2012) This Languedoc Sauvignon is partly aged in large (500 litre) barrels from Seguin Moreau. It has a really lovely nose, the vanilla and gently floral delicacy of the oak melding with quite ripe, slightly tropical fruit suggesting mango and necatrine, but with a citrus freshness too. On the palate this balances ripe, juicy stone fruit flavours with the little herby and lemony cut of the Sauvignon, the oak fading into the background but adding a subtle texture and richness. Balanced acidity keeps the finish fresh. An unusual and very successful style of Sauvignon Blanc, and well priced.
(2011) Punchy, full-fruited and would be great with roast chicken.
Displaying results 10 - 13 of 13