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(2012) Fabulous stuff - very bold, creamy, sumptuous and silky on the palate with a long and spicy finish, but retaining juicy freshness through good acidity.
(2012) Superb, modern, accomplished stuff with plenty of creamy oak, great fruit concentration but beautiful structure.
(2012) Fantastic fruit on the nose here, but a powerful animal edge, the whole thing intense onto the palate with lip-smacking and tangy, vibrant acidity.
(2012) Too much oak here? It is big, balsamic and even a touch seaweedy, though the huge fruit richness on the palate is impressive.
(2012) Floral, kirsch-like lift here that is delightful. Plenty of oak, but the fruit is so glossy and punchy, the whole thing very vibrant, but equally harmonious.
(2012) Deliciously dark, serious Cabernet that is svelte and creamy, a touch dry but dense and well made.
(2012) Muscular, closed, deep and dramatic, this has terrific sweet fruit combined with excellent structure and length.
(2012) Lovely, thick, copious black fruit, coats the palate in similar style but has good structure and balance too.
(2012) Multi-varietal, this is very Australian in style with a touch of volatility and copious black fruit. Massive chocolaty presence on the palate.
(2012) Plenty of oak here, but the fruit is equal, giving this really good vibrancy and a tangy freshness in the finish.
Displaying results 10 - 20 of 97