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(2016) The vines are more than 50 years old, Stephane's grandparent's vineyard. Has the lovely wild yeast, cool and earthy aromatic. Bread notes and lemon. Fine saltiness here, juiciness and a sour plum bite. Juicy, savoury and taut, and delicious.
(2016) Very softly fragrant and fruit dominated, the oak is a little further into the background compared to the 2012, the touch of passionfruit here, and a classy character with lots of good fruit, melted and fused with the acidity, and excellent length. Delicious and focused.
(2016) This north-facing part of Vaillons on the left bank also has a fine flinty charcter, a delicacy again, the tracework of pear and apple and a touch of blossom, a little briar or truffle sneaking in. So juicy, maybe not the tension of the Vaulorent, the punch and decisiveness, but lovely balance and very good length too. A fine, savoury wine, focused and long.
(2016) From the other side of the little tributary from Fourchaume, and abutting the Grand Crus. This has some of Vaulorent’s complex mineral reduction, flinty and slatey, salty, and though it is not so pronounced as some others, it is lovely, with a charming fruit character, touches of lighter blossom notes, and a refined, long acidity with punchy lemon fruit into that mineral finish. A delightful wine.
(2016) Right Bank Cru and a nose that has hints of the chalk and flint, but also of truffle and earth and a lovey sense of tightly wound concentration. There is a meatiness to this, a spicy, almost meaty quality that is quite savoury, broader than the left bank wines, but has massive mineral acidity that punches through.
(2016) Youthful colour from this left bank Cru with limestone soils. Nice hint of slate and flint minerals, the palate bursting with lemon and lime, but all the time that saltiness and chalky charcter, a lovely free-flowing acidity that has a direct line to the finish.
(2016) I am picking up more flint and more terroir here, a subtle mineral sulphide note and a palate that still has that bright fruit character, but here the acidity and the minerality thrusts though much more convincingly, this finishes with dry and savoury salts and fine, refined charcter the fruit a little more played down - to good effect. This came from a vineyard with lots of coral in the ground – an underground coral reef from 150 million years ago. Tank sample.
(2016) Biodynamic. What a lovely, quite orthodox nose, the delicate cream and toast to the juicy orange fruit, and some lemon and ripe apple. The palate has a grip of earthy, meaty character, lots of precision, lots of sweet fruit, and a long, very clear and fresh finish, that cool earth character persisting to give this a touch of gravel and salt too.
(2016) Huge complex sulphide character, struck match and flint notes, intense and bound to the lime and toasty fat and waxy weight – quite something. Superb, with delicious tang and vibrancy on the palate, the juice and the intensity are there, driving this with precision and agility, but I love the hints of depth and smoky mineral substance too. Deep and yet pinpoint fresh and accurate. Biodynamic.
(2016) Toast in abundance here, warm gravel and some delicate blossom notes to very clear apple fruit coming through: cool, underripe apples and apple cores. The palate is not so vivacious as the 2013 Vau de Vey for example, not so lightly, purely citrus juicy, but it compensates with loads of concentrated power and lovely ripe, orange peel tang and fruitiness, and a lovely long finish that is rounded and composed, with lovely length.
Displaying results 20 - 30 of 64