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(2021) The French term 'Hors Categorie' may not be familiar. It was first used to describe special stages in cycle races, the toughest and steepest hill climbs, that were 'beyond classification'. When Champagne producer Casteln ( More... )
(2020) [sharify] This competition closes 30th November 2020. This competition is sponsored by de Burgh Wines. De Burgh is a Scottish-based wine merchant supplying restaurants, hotels and bistros throughout Scotland, as well ( More... )
(2019) Joseph Henriot, who died in 2015, was one of French wine's most important figures. Born into a Champagne-producing family whose house was founded in 1808, he took over at Champagne Henriot in the 1960s, running it and Ch ( More... )
(2018) Alfred Gratien has appeared as a regular 'blip' on my Champagne radar over the years. Although I have enjoyed many fine wines from the domaine, I confess that I’ve never really explored the marque in the level of detai ( More... )
(2018) If the name Deutz is less familiar than some of Champagne's other Grand Marque houses, it has nothing to do with the quality of the wines. In the UK Deutz has a substantial presence, but historically the domestic mark ( More... )
(2018) A self-confessed Champagne geek, Steve Pritchard has enjoyed drinking (and tasting) these sparkling beverages for over 20 years. Most often with his long-suffering partner in tow, he visits the region several times a yea ( More... )
(2017) Just a week after I had published my report on several new Champagnes released by major houses (Champagne on the Move), a sample of yet another brand new wine landed on my desk. To round out that picture I have added thi ( More... )
(2017) Champagne is one the world's most traditional and iconic wines, with over 300 years of history and an untouchable status (including the famously litigious Champenoise, who rigorously protect their 'brand'). And yet, alon ( More... )
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 416   ( For tasting notes, use the Tasting Notes Search )