(2017) Made with wild foraged meadowsweet, a herb that grows by river banks. Pale gold in colour, high chamomile and - yes - meadowsweet aromas, quite interesting and inviting a sip: that reveals a medium-sweet mouthful of fairly light-bodied wine, those floral and herbal characters and a hint of bitterness in the finish. The best of the three Cairn O'Mohr wines tasted in my opinion, though wine lovers need not rush to buy.
(2017) 'Goes with Haggis' is the name, and could this get any more cliched Scottish, also with a picture of Rabbie Burns on the label. The colour is light red and the nose has an interesting herbal and nettle touch to berry fruit, certainly adding some interest that's missing in the raspberry wine. In the mouth it is drier than expected, a slightly metallic edge, but also a hint of spices and those dry autumn leaves and berries. Palatable rather than admirable for me.
(2017) Perthshire is home of the Cairn O'Mohr winery, and of Scotland's thriving soft fruit industry, so the fresh raspberries that flavour this drink certainly clock up very few food miles. It's a deep pink or light red in colour, and the aromas are of slightly generic red berries rather than singing of raspberry. In the mouth the initial sweetness of the fruit is soon swept up in acidity, in an off-dry style, but it is a pretty blunt instrument I must say.