(2022) An interesting new wine from an historic Provence estate acquired by LVMH in 2019, and high on eco credentials. Packaged in a flat, recyclable plastic bottle weighing just 63g, the wine comes feom vineyards in conversion to organic certification, and which also houses 200 beehives. It is one of only 12 queenn bee fertilisation stations in the world. A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Rolle, and Cinsault, it is mineral and filled with small red berries. Tight and savoury, a big lemon pith core gives lots of gastronomic appeal, but theres a peach juice succulence. A saline note in the finish adds to that. Fine and rather grown-up, it's pitched at the upper end of the rosé tree at £23: a bold statement of intent. Watch the video for more information.
(2021) In this year there was drought, and water was cut off for over 20 days. Daniel says they were lucky that they crop lower than other producers and the vines didn't suffer. There was not the same diurnal shift of 2020, so the aromatics did not develop in the same way. More subdued, creamy and lightly vanilla-touched compared to the 2020. A more mellow nutty apple character, more orchard fruit and just the merest touch of exotic character. The palate has great minerality and dryness, much more European in character now arguably, with a really delightful zest and free-flowing freshness, that subtle nuttiness continues. So different from the 2020 in character, which is as much vintage and oak use, as we it is age I suspect. Price quoted is for a magnum (tasted from magnum).