Tutti-frutti and pear-drop bright aromas for this Languedoc blend of Grenache and Cinsault. On the palate it is refreshing and citrus-zesty, light bodied and watermelon fresh. Simples, arguably a touch dilute? Enjoyable summer sipping.

(2008) Two harvests for SB, one early to minimise need to acidify. Nice bright nose, mostly with the lemon and light butteryness of the Sémillon, and a hint of tropical fruit. Nice juicy palate, with a rich orange and crisp lemon character. 12.5% no great zing, but pleasant.
(2008) Bright berry fruit and a smokiness from 50% second fill barriques and staves. Some floral notes that seem rather rose-like and highly perfumed, in an almost artificial way. Rather astringent with a certain harshness, though a dry sense of minerality helps.