(2018) In some ways it's a surprising Extra Dry, indicating it has more sugar (12-17gl) than a Brut, as the brisk, lean and lemony acidity here gives it a sensation of bone-dryness in the finish. Pretty, floral and icing sugar notes lead on to that palate which, after an initial burst of peachy fruit, soon narrows to a reasonably long and very crisp and agile finish.
(2012) A blend of Marsanne, Grenache and Vermentino and a touch of Viognier, partially barrel-fermented and aged. Very nice, discreet oak nose with almond and oatmeal, brings a rich quince and fig character and quite full bodied. There's a waxiness to this, a touch of star fruit and lemon rind, giving freshness and liveliness despite relatively low acidity. Delicious.
(2012) Deep, vinous nose, rustic, leafy qualities, very fresh, liquorice and cherry, touch of polished wood (from staves) a touch floral too. The palate has a fine, creamy texture and a nicely bittersweet depth. Juicy, supple stuff, fairly straightforward on the palate, but delicious and structured with savoury, spicy length.