(2015) Couldn't be more classic this, with lime, flowers and sherbet, a whiff of waxy paraffin, and plenty of pithy directness. No wonder fans of this style love these bone-dry and sheer, but relatively complex Rieslings. In the mouth it is energising stuff: like sucking on the tangiest grapefruit in one dimension, but then nuances of candy, bright and ripe apple and stony minerals are there too. Very long, very layered, very delicious.
(2014) Made for M&S by Larry Cherubino of Robert Oatley Vineyards, there's a lovely oak quality, with cream and hazelnut, and plenty of orchard fruit beneath. Fine quality, the glistening core of acid is delightful, and gives the wine so much energy, life and poise. An exemplar of the new Australian Chardonnay and gorgeous to drink.
(2014) Dry, earthy and briary, like a bundle of twigs and bowl of cherries. The palate is all about the juicy, keen fruit: no apparent oak here, just that undeprpinning structure of the meaty, earthy, briary quality overlaid with sweet and ripe red fruits, making for a very pleasing glass of Pinot. Light and agile, if not fantastically deep or complex.
(2014) >From Elgin, this off-dry Riesling has only 10.5% abv. Ferricrete is the soil (clay over shale) on which the Cluvers grow the grapes for this wine, which is waxy and herby, but deliciously fruity and flavoursome too. There's no shortage of refined, acid-etched clarity and purity, the flavoursome sweet apple and the floral edged finesse, all in perfect balance.
(2014) A little earth and herbs added to gamy but ripe red fruits. The palate is juicy and fine, with lots of cherries and berries, and a nicely balanced finish. Modern and fruity, verging on jammy, but drinks well.
(2014) Ozoney and bright, this ais all about lift and freshness - not about obvious fruit, but about seaside freshness and breeziness, apple and sherbet arriving on the palate, and there is very nice balance with a hint of sweetness and still that lovely juicy, fresh-cut apple fruitiness. Delightful shimmering stuff, that finishes dry.
(2014) Yet another Indian Tempranillo and Shiraz blend - if only the supermarkets could think outside the box. Earthy, smoky and tobacco notes over the good red berry fruit. But it is fairly 'standard' or generic in flavour, penty of robust fruit, plenty of juiciness and a sweeter fruit, and a rich, robust tannin finish.
(2014) >From Washington State. Lovely nose, all talcum powder and downy nectarine skins, the freshness and gentleness combine beautifuly. Filigree stuff, the charming gentle fruit is dry but elegant and gentle, caressing the mouth with its sherbet and gently peachy flavours and fresh apple acid cut. A delight, barely off dry.
(2014) An all-Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs, this is yeasty and nutty, but with lots of apple and herbs, a touch of nettle and a blast of orange and grapefruit. The palate has gorgeous freshness and crisp, zesty vitality and punchy character. Long and savoury, and so intense.
(2014) Not terribly distinctive, though the aroma is bright and clean, edgy, dry and mineral flavours come through. Not sure it quite pushes through with total conviction - not quite mineral sharp, not quite ripe and flavoursome. Falling somewhere between two stools?