(2022) The Kaaimansgat, or 'Crocodile's Lair' cuvée is a stalwart of the Bouchard-Finlayson range, barrel-fermented and aged for eight months, but with only partial malolactic and no stirring of the lees, to create a more linear style. The nose is Chablis-like, focused on cool apple and lemon, a gentle background mealiness only. In the mouth its all about oranges and lemons, with lovely zip and freshness, again just a gentle biscuity, nutty hint in the background, and a fine finish on fruit and clear acidity. A lovely wine for the price.
(2015) From the Atlantic island of Madeira, a modern style of Madeira in a 50cl bottle that has a rich tawny colour and delicious aromas and flavours of walnuts and rich prune and raisins, but also a dark, Seville orange marmalade cut. Tangy, yet sweet, its delightful to sip but would match Christmas morning mince pies so well.