(2023) I've always really enoyed this zero dosage from the family owned Juve y Camps, this cuvée made from the three traditional Cava grapes, dominated by Xarel.lo, and aged 36 months on the lees in bottle. As always, I get a custardy impression on the nose, but a lovely floral, floating note of delicacy above. Mouth-filling, luxurious bubbles, plenty of fruit sweetness despite the zero sugar, and a shimmering elegance into the finish. Delightful and delicious.
(2020) A desire to make Bordeaux-style wines is one thing that fuelled Hans Herzog's move from Switzerland, and thankfully this is a beautiful blend of equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Very juicy, intense, a nice level of green pepper and herbs from the Franc, meaty, nutty and a plummy too. Balsamic, plummy and very grippy, as always, strong acidity and very grippy tannins and concentration, but ripe and fine.
(2018) A highly unusual sparkling wine from Masi, masters of Amarone, who have used the same appassimento technique, drying grapes on straw mats, for the 25% Verduzzo in this blend, which is fermented along with 75% freshly-harvested Pinto Grigio. It's made by the charmat method as used in Prosecco, and has clear similarities to a good Brut Prosecco (this has around 9g/l of residual sugar), just a gentle effervesence and more of a herby and lemon peel grippiness on the palate, pear fruit and a bit of interesting texture too before a dry, nicely tart apple finish.