04/09/2017 – Croft Twist, Fino Spritz

(2017) There have been several quite successful attempts recently to introduce a new generation of drinkers to the delights of fortified wine like Sherry, Port and Madeira. Here's a novel idea, where Croft have blended Fino Sherry with aromatic elements based on English spring water and cordials, introducing gentle fizz and notes of elderflower, mint and lemon. With only 5.5% alcohol it opens with a definite note of the Fino, nutty and saline, but also those hedgerow aromas that are very summery. In the mouth that dry Sherry nuttiness continues, a lovely underpinning to the delicate sparkle, sweeter flavours from the cordial, and plenty of citrus and mint freshness. Watch the video for more information and food-matching ideas.


    1. Hi John. Yes indeed, I believe the local rebujito is a popular drink at fiesta time in the Sherry region, and is Fino topped up with 7-up (lemonade), a slice of lemon or lime and sometimes mint. So there are already aromatic elements in there. Personally I think I’d prefer the Croft product which does not contain an ‘industrial’ soft drink like 7-up, but spring water flavoured with natural extracts from Belvoir Farms. I think that far from ‘spoiling’ rebujito, it’s possibly an improvement!

  1. Nice video Tom and an interesting new product! I assume it is being sold in the UK only? Hope to try it on our next trip to the UK. Do you think this will help appeal to the “new generation” and will this help to make Sherry popular once again?

    1. Hi there and thanks for the comments. I suspect this is only available in the UK at the moment. Dry Sherry – Fino and Manzanilla – has already regained a bit of popularity, especially tied into the boom in tapas bars in major cities in the UK, especially London which has several dedicated Sherry bars. But it is a limited growth and I am not sure if this drink will bring an awful lot if new drinkers to Sherry to be honest: it is so different in flavour and strength to a straight Sherry. But we can live in hope! 🙂

  2. Regarding Spanish fizz, I like the Sidra apple wines from Asturias. Also moderately priced and low alcohol. Nothing fancy, but pleasantly refreshing. On the other end of the intensity scale, I recently discovered the Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximenez. Wickedly good in small doses.

    1. Thanks Ned. I don’t know the apple wines – but will definitely try them if I see them. Yes, I’ve tasted some PX wines from Montilla that were incredibly rich and concentrated, even moreso than many Sherry PXs. Though Sherry can be the most intense of all wines I think withbsome amazing none dry and sweet styles.

    1. Hi David, you are right of course that at 5.5% abv this hits a lower duty threshold, but I think the quality justifies the price (though I also expect to see it being sold cheaper on promotion) – if you consider that there are plenty of craft beers around at £2.50 for 33cls, and this contains 25% of very high quality Fino, the price is probably not hugely out of line.

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