06/04/2020 – Tetramythos, Retsina 2019

(2020) Forget the crude stuff of seaside tavernas, reeking of pine and rough as old boots: this Retsina is so delicately touched by pine that there is just a faint - and pleasant - wild herb and scrub note to zinging lemon fruit. It's far from ordinary, being organically certified, made in amphora, and fermented with wild yeast. On the palate the piney/herby note is there in the background, but the wild yeast gives light earth and bready notes, which support more direct crunchy apple and citrus into a fresh, appetising finish. Watch the video for more information and food-matching ideas.


  1. A retsina nominated as a wine of the week! I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are good retsinas out there that stand out from the crowd but kudos to Tom for nominating one. My retsina moment was at a portside restaurant in Brindisi waiting for a midnight ferry to Bari. A roast chicken and a 500 ml bottle of retsina under crown. I may not like it today but that evening it was pure pleasure. Here in Canada I will keep an eye out for this. Wine-Pages rocks!

    1. Thanks Mahmoud! Yes, wine is all about context as you know so sitting on the portside in Southern Italy would have been a big part of the enjoyment I am sure. But, yes, this one is well worth checking out if it turns up locally.

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