06/02/2017 – Nicholas Feuillatte, Palmes d’Or

(2017) It may be a cliché, but for St Valentine's Day many people's thoughtss turn to Champagne, and this is a rather special 'deluxe' cuvée - the top of the range - from Nicholas Feuillatte, the brand of one of Champagne's largest cooperative cellars. Part of the attraction is surely the unique and very original bottle, but the wine inside is an excellent Champagne too, with enough baked apple pie breadth of creamy apples and pastry, tiny bubbles and a luxuriant mousse, and a marriage of that richness with fresh, clean apple and citrus fruit into a long, elegant finish. It's expensive enough to bring it close to Krug and Dom Pérignon territory, but the romantics will love the packaging too. For more information, watch my full video review.

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