08/01/2018 – Lidl Winemaker’s Pinot Noir 2016

(2018) As a lover of the Pinot Noir variety, some of my greatest wine experiences have been with very expensive Grand Cru wines of Burgundy, but I am always on the lookout for affordable and good Pinots for everyday drinking. Lidl's effort from Marlborough in New Zealand certainly fits the bill, its moderate to light colour being perfect for Pinot, and the dry, lightly briary nose of cranberry and spiced orange fitting the bill too. Very lightly chilled (or rather, not too warm) it offers a fine, juicy, lightly earthy and leafy genuine Pinot experience, avoiding some of the strawberry sweetness of many cheap examples. Watch the video for more information and food-matching ideas.


  1. Have bought new zealand pinot noir disgusting the smell and taste is awful mouldy very unpleasant

    1. Hi there, again I cannot comment as the wine I tasted was from 2016, reviewed six years ago, so a completely different wine. But I’d try returning it to Lidl if it was that bad.

  2. Just bought the 2020 today and it is the worst smelling wine I have ever opened. To the fact I actually Googled it. Turns out I’m not the only one. How are they allowed to sell this??

  3. OMG just bought this wine – absolutely terrible, the smell is horrendous… it stinks …. Unpleasant never have I smelled a wine like that. In the bin , but I will go to lindle and complain as they should not sell stuff like that ….. 😖

    1. Hi Mascha, I would certainly complain to Lidl if it was that bad. It is difficult for me to comment, as my review is from six years ago, for a 2016 vintage wine. If you bought your Pinot Noir recently it will be a completely different wine from the one I tasted.

  4. So disappointed! We decided to have this tonight with a special celebratory meal. Independently we both thought it must have been “off”. because it was thin, musty & like vinegar. We abandoned it immediately. Would welcome a reaction from Lidl but I could not find anywhere on their website to post such a review.

  5. surprised by the negative comments as I really enjoyed this, was 2020 vintage

    1. Thanks for another update and opinion on this clearly controversial wine Steve. I reviewed the 2016 vintage back in 2018, so clearly in 2022 you will be tasting a different vintage of the wine which makes it impossible for me to comment – I have not tasted it since the 2016 vintage. Pinot Noir is not for everyone – many people find it too light, too earthy and lacking the deep black fruit of a malbec or shiraz for example, so part of the controversy could be down to that?

  6. I have been drinking wine for over 50yrs.This red 2020vintage is awful like the person above I had to pour two bottles down the sink.What a scam,it even smelt like something from a fox’s earth.A complete waste of money!

  7. Just tried to drink the 2020 and I couldn’t. I’m not fussy but this wine is horrendous. I had to tip it down the sink. 🙁

    1. Oh dear. I haven’t tried the wine since I recommended the 2016 vintage, so disappointed to hear the 2020 wasn’t to your taste. I’ve no knowledge of the 2020 – whether Lidl sourced it from the same place, for example – so I must try to taste it.

    1. Hi Robin, unfortunately I have not tasted the 2017 vintage. It’s just impossible for me to taste every vintage of the wines review. If you try it, come back and let me know your opinion.

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