10/04/2017 – Two great chocolate-matching wines

(2017) A lightly fortified wine in the style of a French Vin Doux Naturel, this is made with the Moscatel (Muscat) grape and is an amber-coloured dessert wine. The florals of the Moscatel are all there, with a bright and vivacious tangerine fruitiness, some hints of caramel and honey. In the mouth it is rich and full-bodied, with nutty and honey notes, but that bright orange/tangerine character gives it plenty of cut and spark, making it a great partner for creamy chocolate desserts. Quite widely available too, and comes in a 50cl bottle.
(2017) The Pedro Ximénez grapes (popularly shortened to 'PX') have been partially dried in the Jerez sun, so the wine is effectively made from raisins rather than freshly picked grapes. That makes it a dark and unctuous liquid, brimming with rum-soaked raisins, chocolate and coffee and walnut aromas, a lick of salt and zest of Seville orange. Very sweet with 400g/l of residual sugar, it is mouth-coating and beautifully balanced by its acidity, making it a great partner for your bitterest dark chocolate desserts. There are more profound examples, but it's very good indeed, well priced, and widely available too.

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