12/03/2018 – Parcel Series English Fizz

(2018) UK retailer Majestic has been launching small batches of 'one-off' wines under its Parcel Series label for decades. This single vineyard sparkling from Hampshire was made by Hambledon, a well-respected English sparkling wine producer, but apparently Majestic were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the wine's specific details before they were allowed to purchase all 7,000 bottles. There are obvious signs of maturity and considerable lees ageing, from the burnished gold colour, to the gently oxidative nose with its deep, baked apple pie and bruised pear aromas. I'd be very surprised indeed if this was not made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In the mouth there's a lovely sweetness of fruit, suggesting a good, ripe base year for this, and enough dosage to add a flattering softness against the very good lemon meringue pie combination of acidity and fruitiness. It is a mature style - but that's a style I personally love - and I would be very happy indeed to pick up a bottle or two at its £22.48 'mixed six' price.  Watch the video for more details and food matching ideas.

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