Nero Oro, Grillo Appassimento 2019

(2021) A wine I've tasted in a previous vintage and really enjoyed, but I think this one ramps up the pleasure principle even further. The Grillo grapes are partially dried in the sun before fermentation, a technique traditionally used on Sicily for sweet wines, but here the wine fermented to dryness. That creates some unique textures and flavours in the wine, which pours a pale gold colour and opens with honey, nuts and grilled peach. In the mouth there's a leading edge of really sweet, ripe and plump juicy stone fruits, the texture quite creamy and full. A relatively gentle lime acidity gives the balance here, the subtle honeyed note still there into a very decent finish. It's £8.99 as part of a mixed six bottles at Majestic, but for once I think the headline £9.99 would still be money well spent. Watch the video for more information.

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