Montgomery, Solaris 2019

(2021) To my knowledge, the first Welsh wine I have tasted. From the hills of Montgomeryshire, the Lennard Family planted their south-facing vineyard in 2012 and make both sparkling and stil wines, including this from the Solaris variety, bred in Germany and very popular in cool, marginal wine growing areas. Aromatically it is attractive and quite vivacious, like a cross between a Verdejo and a Riesling perhaps, a little floral, a little elderflower in the mix. In the mouth this must have a few grammes of residual sugar, but is basically dry, again that theoretical cross would describe this too, grapefruit, lemon and an edge of greener flavours pushing through to a balanced finish. Very impressive. Also available by the single bottle including shipping from at £25.95. Watch the video for more information.

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