29/11/2015 – Majestic Definitions Sauvignon Blanc 2015

(2015) Marlborough Sauvignon prices may be softening a little I suspect, which they've done before in times of big harvests and global supply and demand. Though this has a single bottle price of £11.99, I've no doubt it's current 'any mixed six' price of £8.99 is exactly what Majestic intended to sell it for from day one - but at that it is a bit of a bargain. Totally classic, flint and green bean, hints of lychee and mango, and that elderflower hit of pungency. Very nicely done on the palate, with fresh, mountain-stream clarity with no residual sugar to speak of and a dry lemon pith and grapefruit finish. Note the £8.99 price is also available on single bottles in Scottish branches of Majestic due to different licensing laws north of the border. Watch the video for my full review.

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