30/06/2018 – Hans Lang, Riesling Classic 2016

(2018) Lidl's summer 2018 'Wine Tour' saw a parcel of wines enter stores on July 26th. On sale while stocks last, this is a Riesling from the top German region of the Rheingau, where drier styles are something of a specialism. There's a touch of beeswax and classic flint and petrol of Riesling on the nose, over clear lime and apple fruit. In the mouth that dry, apple and pear core acidity is super-fresh, whilst the fruit is citrussy and bright, hinting at sweetness before that dry, balanced finish.  Watch the video for more information, and also note the Grüner-Veltliner 'Granit' 2017 from Domäne Wachau, also £8.99 in the Wine Tour, is another top pick.

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