Artuke, Rioja 2021

(2023) The green 'stamp' on the back label indicates this is a wine that has spent minimal time in oak, the style formerly known as 'Joven'. It comes from a new winery in Rioja Alavesa, run by brothers Arturo and Kike (Artuke is a combination of the two). They say they are inspired by the wines of Burgundy, and the wines do not follow the path of extended ageing in oak. This entry level wine is was made with some carbonic maceration to give it an easy-drinking, fruit-forward and approachable style. Vibrant in colour and aroma, it has a cherry and a sappy, Beaujolais-like character. In the mouth it's all about juiciness of raspberries and red cherries, with pert acidity. The tannins are unlike Beaujolais however, quite chocolaty and creamy. The result is a silky but fresh and zippy red that's aromatic, and as easy to drink as an aperitif, as with food.

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