Lidl’s latest wine parcels

Once again, I bring you a small selection of wines I have tasted from the latest Lidl Wine Tour, which commences in all UK stores on Thursday 20th May 2021. These wines are special parcels, offered on a ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ basis, but all wines should be in all stores during the promotion.

I decided to call-in samples of distinctly summery wines: generally low to modest in alcohol, and fresh in flavours to make them particularly suitable for summer in the garden, picnics or barbecues. It’s not a profound wine, but I really enjoyed the Lambrusco from this selection, though for a more serious glass or two the pair from CEO in Galicia, northwest Spain, do not disappoint, nor does the latest vintage of the Avesso Vinho Verde from Portugal, which I enjoyed in the previous vintage too.

The Wines

(2021) Though Lambrusco's reputation has been poor in the UK since some very rough 70s examples, here's a low cost opportunity to give it a chance - and if you like the sound of it you should. It's a deep red, foamy wine with a touch of pink to the mousse, and offers scents and flavours that are basically Black forest gateau in a glass, all cherry and chocolate. Don't come looking for anything profound here, but with its sweetness nicely balanced by acidity, and just 8% alcohol, a lovely summer garden sipper, or with dark chocolate desserts that are not too sweet.
(2021) A Pinot Blanc from the Baden region, where the variety is known as the Weisser Burgunder, there's a photo of the winemaker on the bottle which is something we don't always get from Lidl whose wines are often presented rather anonymously. The back label also rates it as a '1', the driest of their five-step sweetness scale, and yet I detect a fair bit of residual sugar here. Other than that it is a fairly vivacious style for a Pinot Blanc, crunchy apple and pear, but quite a sparky, sherbetty liveliness to it too. Might work with spicy Szechuan or Thai cuisine.
(2021) A new vintage for a wine I have really enjoyed from Lidl previously, the epitome of Vinho Verde freshness and vitality, and a quality one too. The nose has the leafy green herbs, touches of dill and rosemary, and a fine citrus fruit core. On the palate it is lively and full of energy, the tiniest bit of spritz and a tangy brightness to the fruit, a little salty character adding more interest into quite a long, elegantly tapering finish.
(2021) I've actually been able to taste this a number of times now, as it seems to pop up regularly as a special Lidl parcel. From Galicia in the northwest of Spain, it is a wine in a crisp and fresh, dry style. There's a hint of fresh, briney ocean spray on the nose, as well as yellow plum and pear. In the mouth fine, a very light spritz adds to the fresh fruitiness, a tangy oranges and lemons acidity, and again that little hint of salinity to finish. Stylish.
(2021) A relatively unusual style this, a semi-sweet Gewürz, which has the hallmark florals, honeysuckle and a touch of exotic spices, but is not too flamboyant into the Turkish delight spectrum. The definite sweetness on the palate means that for me this does have to be carefully matched to food really, and I think a tarte tatin or apple strudel, maybe something like a peach cobbler, could hit the spot.
(2021) The red partner to the excellent Godello in the same range, this also comes from Galicia and is made from Mencia, the traditional grape of the Bierzo denomination. Unoaked, it's a smooth and vinous style, with cherry and black vine fruits, really nice bold flavours, firm cherry acidity and a stripe of tannin give it some energy and depth, finishing tangy and lip-smacking.


  1. Passing by local store later today. Some more Godello & the new Caíz are definite. Will try the Junger though the residual sugar is worrisome.

    1. Hope you enjoy them Mark. Other people like the Junger more than I did (I did not dislike it) so I would be interested in your take on it if you risk a bottle.

      1. The Guwürztraminer was a touch honeyed, but nice and complex, the Junge Winzer very drinkable even off dry. Nice wines and unusual to see in the UK. Adore Gewürz, but prefer a dryer style.

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