The Wines of Juve & Camps

I filed an extensive report on the Cava producer Juve & Camps in 2018, having spent a few days visiting this family-run estate near Barcelona. I was impressed then not just by the excellent portfolio of wines, but by CEO Meritxell Juve, a relatively young woman who inherited huge responsibility for this significant business.

I recently had the opportunity to taste through a selection of Juve & Camps premium wines, including those from single site terroirs, zero dosage bottlings and their flagship ‘Gran Juve y Camps’.

It was another very impressive showing of what Cava can be when made with care and attention. Wines are made from both the triumverate of traditional Cava varieties, Xarel.lo, Paralleda and Macabeu, plus Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, planted in Juve & Camps’ own vineyards.

The Wines

(2023) I've always really enoyed this zero dosage cuvée from the family-owned Juve y Camps, made from the three traditional Cava grapes. It is dominated by Xarel.lo, and aged 36 months on the lees in bottle. As always, I get a custardy impression on the nose, but a lovely floral, floating note of delicacy above. Mouth-filling, luxurious bubbles, plenty of fruit sweetness despite the zero sugar, and a shimmering elegance into the finish. Delightful and delicious.  
(2024) This is a singe vineyard Cava, 100% Xarel·lo from the 8.5 hectare L’Olivera vineyard of deep and sandy soils, rich in organic matter. It is the highest altitude terroir of Juve & Camps between 170 and 200 metres. It is cellared for at least 36 months on the lees and has less than 1g/l of residual sugar. The mousse is strong as it pours, with wonderfully custardy aromas, baked apple pie, with bready and herbal notes too. In the mouth there is a richness that easily compensates for the lack of sugar; it is full and creamy, with a firm, apple core and a mineral aspect to the acidity. This bottling was disgorged April 2023
(2024) This is 100% Pinot Noir, which undergoes a minimum of 36 months on the lees. It was bottled with 7.5g/l of residual sugar. Aromatically it is much brighter and more sherbetty than the Olivera. Bready notes sit beneath, yeasty and adding some breadth. The palate is fruity and citrussy, pink grapefruit is zesty and the finish has plenty of tangy freshness to slice through the sweeter fruit.
(2024) Like the other vintage wines here, aged 36 months on the lees and from a single, south-facing vineyard. 100% Chardonnay, it has 8g/l of residual sugar. There's a bright, citrus and herbal nose here, though a sheen of almond and oatmeal softens that. Delicate white flower notes flit around the edges. Racy on the palate, again I think of almonds, but juicy yellow apples and a streak of lemon and sherbet cut through the satisfying finish.  
(2024) The Cava triumverate of Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada are blended here with Chardonnay, aged for over 50 months on the lees. It is Brut, with around 7g/l of residual sugar, and pours with plentiful miniscule bubbles, with aromas of baked apple pie and warm brioche over lemon zest. The signature herb and flower nuances just discernible. In the mouth there's a richness and luxurious quality, the dosage is modest but there's a sweet fruit ripeness to the mid-palate. The bakery aromas translate into custardy creaminess on the palate, but with plenty of freshness too for a distinctive Cava.

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