02/03/03 – Connubia (Italy) Corvina 2001

Connubia (Italy) Corvina 2001
We are continuing with wines in the Comic Relief campaign for 2003 – if you buy this wine before the 19th of March, not only will you save 50p on its normal price, but 45 pence will go straight to charity. Corvina is the grape found in that old Italian favourite, Valpolicella. Whilst there is good Valpolicella about, there are often some inferior grapes in the blend too, so it is interesting to try an example that puts the spotlight 100% on the noble Corvina. Like an Amarone, this is made from partially dried grapes. There’s a juicy black plum and dried-cherry hint about the nose here, with some definite herbal notes and lots of creamy, svelte fruit character. On the palate it is savoury and quite crisp for a red, with some leathery depth, but mostly just a raft of pure raspberry and cherry fruit flavours. This will wash down pastas and grills very nicely indeed. Delicious. Sainsbury’s, £4.99, but on offer at £4.49