02/04/00 – Pewsey Vale (Australia) Eden Valley Riesling 1999

Pewsey Vale (Australia) Eden Valley Riesling 1999
The 1997 vintage was my budget wine of the year and if the 1998 is what you find on the shelves, that is equally gorgeous. However Pewsey Vale have made it three in a row with this newest vintage of their fine Riesling. Australia, like California, is beginning to define terroirs , where soil and climate have been found to suit particular grape varieties. For the Riesling, the Clare and Eden valleys are providing the best examples. This has that characteristic nose of zesty lime, wild flowers and a tropical notes. There’s just a hint of waxiness. On the palate it is quite unctuously textured, but medium-bodied with with very good fruit, a ripe intesity of flavour and crisp, citrus acidity keeping it sharp. This will be better in a year or two, but is lovely now. For me one of Australia’s best values in its price range. Tesco/Oddbins 5.99 (04/00)