03/02/02 – Mont Tauch (France) Fitou Les Gueches 2000

Mont Tauch (France) Fitou Les Gueches 2000
There must be many wine lovers who cut their teeth on Fitou as one of the first ‘serious’ red wines they discovered. In the 1980’s Fitou was pretty ‘hot’ for a while, and something of an inside secret amongst cash-strapped wine lovers, though it was rather overtaken in the 90’s by the Australians and Chileans. There are hints of a Fitou revival however, this southern French region enjoying considerable investment and interest. This example comes from the excellent Mont Tauch cooperative, whose ‘L’If’ Carignan has been a Wine of the Week in the past. This has a dark ruby colour and a wonderfully spicy, peppery, creamy black-fruited nose. On the palate there is masses of chunky fruit with robust tannins and lots of personality, finishing with supple, juicy fruit to the fore. Delicious stuff. 3.99 Sainsbury’s