03/06/01 – Cristoffel Berres (Germany) Riesling Spatlese 1993

Cristoffel Berres (Germany, M-S-R) Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Spatlese 1993
Rush out this week to your local Majestic (or to majestic.co.uk) and do you, me and all wine lovers a big favour by snapping up this outrageous bargain. I’ve said before that Majestic deserve a medal – and our support – for their efforts to bring inexpensive, fine German Rieslings to our shores. Here we have a beautifully matured top quality Riesling from the famous Mosel vineyard of Urziger Wurzgarten (‘spice garden’). If this was Burgundy, we’d be talking about the grandest of Gand Cru vineyards, yet Majestic want less than a fiver for the bottle! There’s a toast and honey complexity on the nose over a waxy lime fruit and a nutty character. The palate is quite sweet with a nicely herbal quality to ripe peach fruit and good apple acidity. This fine wine is drinking beautifully – and what a treat for a summer in the garden. 4.99 Majestic