04/06/00 – Sanctus Jacobus (Germany) Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett 1992

Vereinigte Hospitien (Germany) ‘Sanctus Jacobus’ Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett 1992
Congratulations to Majestic for being the first of the major high street names to lay their cards on the table in full support of German Rieslings; surely a contender for the most underrated of all wines. There are several dozen in Majestic’s current line-up, from just off-dry to lusciously sweet. This is a fine example from the Mosel. I know the name goes on forever, but what we have is the Vereinigte Hospitien estate who are a chartiable organisation endowed with excellent vineyards including the top Wehlener Sonnenuhr , and a wine of Kabinett level: usually off-dry and light in style. This has beautiful, delicate waxy lime aromas leading to a perfectly weighted palate with refreshing crunchy green apple fruit, little hints of tropical pineapple sweetness and a shimmering citrus acidity. Only 8.5% alcohol, so perfect for sipping in the garden. Gorgeous mature Riesling – and what fantastic value. UK Stockist: Majestic 4.99