04/12/05 – Les Vignes de l’Arque (France) Chardonnay 2004

Les Vignes de l’Arque (France) Chardonnay 2004
One of the saddest things to have come out of the ‘Anything But Chardonnay’ movement that (quite correctly) rebelled against cheap, blowsy, over-oaked and plank-flavoured wines, is that now all oaked Chardonnay is viewed with suspicion, if not downright derision. But equally, many people presented with a really tight, minerally, unoaked Chablis find it too severe and too lean. Here is a fine little wine that exemplifies the racy, lemon and style of its juicy, mouthwatering fruit, but which adds in a touch of tropical richness and a mouth-flattering hint of residual sugar to make a clean, crisp, food-friendly wine that is also easy to drink. £5.75