05/03/06 – Old Tblisi (Georgia) Dry White Wine 2004

Old Tblisi (Georgia) Dry White Wine 2004
The red partner to this wine is currently my cheapie choice in my monthly Four of the Best feature. That’s quite a coup, but don’t get me wrong: these are not extraordinarily good wines (though they are excellent at the price) it’s more that it is so refreshing to taste something that’s a bit different from the endless river of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet and Merlot. In this case that meansa wine compsed of 90 per cent Rkatsiteli and 10 per cent Mtsvane, unoaked so that the purity of these fresh, crisp varieties can sing out. On the nose the wine is actually fairly muted, with a gentle, succulent, ripe pear and melon fruitiness, with a hint of oatmeal. There’s just a little floral perfumed note here too, but it is plays a very minor role. On the palate it is dry, fruity and fresh, something in the style of a French wine from the southwest. There is a straightforward fruitiness about this wine, and enough yellow pum acidity to make it a good match with seafoods, white pasta sauces and fish. 4.99 Ocado.com